My super star’s movie (1080 full HD version)

They have a website for the whole ad campaign

What do you think? Too commercial? It’s a commercial. Too cheesy (in Chinese it’s “greasy”)? It’s about getting rid of the greasy shine on your face…

But my super star is incredibly handsome in it. Makes me miss Actor Jung so so so much. I actually found it romantic because he was going to China to find his girl and it happens he arrived in China today when the movie first launched not long after. And Yonghwa is going to meet his fans for real in China too (most probably Shanghai around mid May).

Ready for 40+ caps? Go!

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You’re Beautiful Official Guidebook 1 – Jung Yong Hwa Interview


Release date: 2010/4/22

Jung Yong Hwa

A new star who successfully portrayed a healing type character

Dreaming to be a singer, Jung Yong Hwa met with the biggest opportunity in his life in the autumn of 2009. You’re Beautiful became the jump start of his career. Then in January 2010, his dream came true; he debuted as a singer.

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The power of “can’t”

When I first heard about the title name “Can’t Stop”, I immediately thought of “Never Stop”. I think “can’t stop doing something” is a more realistic and powerful way to describe the determination and drive involved. Though “Can’t Stop” is a love song (The lyrics are fine poetry, according to the translation I read at justJYH), I’ve tried to replace the love interest as Yonghwa’s dream. He can’t stop chasing his dream! Don’t mind my over analysis. It’s such an interesting and powerful love song. Can’t even classify it to a particular genre. Plus, it’s so ELABORATE in many ways. The dramatic MV is a surprising bonus. Yonghwa is insanely stunning. His beauty keeps distracting me from fully enjoying his singing and the music. Screen capping and posting them may help me to focus. Maybe not. But I’ve bought the songs from iTunes already.cantstop (1) cantstop (2) Continue reading

Just another “recap”

This so-called blog is more about captures and gifs these days. I’m at a loss for words even when I’m so excited about many things.

Just watched the Mnet America documentary (It’s English-subbed. Yay!!!) Happy that I got to see Yonghwa getting excited before the US concerts, had a glimpse of him at rehearsals, shopping, even talking about the new album . . . The caps below are meant to be a record of what impressed me watching. They are for myself mainly, just in case you like the same moments too.

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Can’t help but wonder

what Yonghwa was thinking when he filmed You’re Beautiful . . .

Especially the scene in episode 1 when ANJELL was having a concert. He had some performance experience but definitely not in front of such a crowd.

SW01 (1) SW01 (2) SW01 (3) SW01 (4) SW01 (5)But not long after that he’s been having non-stop concerts. In Japan, Korea, Asian cities, Australia, USA, Mexico and South America. Did he expect all these?

He said the very first scene he filmed was the airport one, that he didn’t have many lines but just run around . . .

SW01 (6) SW01 (7)Don’t think he can run around any airports now without being surrounded by fans.

Neither did I expect Jung Yong Hwa to be the Jung Yong Hwa I like now. I just found him handsome watching You’re Beautiful (Handsome).01sw1Sometimes when I think about what has happened all this time. It’s almost like a dream.

01sw2 01sw3 01sw4Things like money or popularity are not important. Having a dream, that’s what makes it possible for humans to “never stop”. “Never Stop” Pamphlet – (Yonghwa)