Love is …

“Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them,” I said.
Isaac shot me a look. “Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. Don’t you believe in true love?”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

So Dalhyang’s story begins with a love letter? A promise?

vlcsnap-2014-07-16-09h02m09s20You should know my heart at this moment
My love is the same as yours
I swear, I will never marry another man
If you did not come back, I would keep waiting
Until when I would die alone, or shave to be a nun
I hope you come first in the imperial examination
I long for that very day when we shall meet again
When you arrive at Hanyang
Just say my father’s name, Kang Seokgi
Then someone will tell you where I live

(My translation)


I long for that very day when I shall meet Park Dalhyang on TV too. To watch him fight for his love and life goal.

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The Fighter

If you’re shallow and thin,
You can’t feel when people step on you,
But when you’re deep and wide,
The weight of every person,
Who jumps on your soul?
Becomes a heavy ball,
You have to fight,
To toss off.
I’ll take my chances though,
Even if it means I might get crushed some day.

Playing Nice


Actor Jung Yong Hwa is back! He will play the warrior Park Dalhyang in tvN’s upcoming The Three Musketeers. Reading the character description in the news today made me think the role is so suitable for him. On the other hand, I can imagine drama fans frowning, though I don’t understand why the heck some (just being too loud? not that many out there?) just don’t like or even hate his acting. Maybe they don’t know he was ranked No.4 among idol actors based on his performance in Marry Him If You Dare, or they think their opinions are more legit than industry experts’ judgement.

People say the more popular a star gets, the more haters he/she gets. I don’t know how true it is. I’ve been told not to be upset when Yonghwa is bashed/teased/criticized. There isn’t much a fan can do for the star, or he won’t know how much I care anyway. First, I never expect him to know my existence. Second, being upset is not about helping him or not. Say I cry watching some sad news on TV or feeling bad for an unfortunate friend, am I being stupid? It’s just that I’m not good at arguing with people that I don’t usually go out to debate the unfounded criticisms. In other words, I don’t know how to disagree with people politely. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my excuse when I say I worry if the backlash will reflect badly on Yonghwa himself. Could be I fear to be crushed in the process. Not that I have no confidence in Yonghwa; I have no confidence in myself. I always admire how Yonghwa responds gracefully and wittily to harsh comments on variety shows and all.

I shouldn’t talk about myself so much as the whole idea about this blog is my star, Jung Yong Hwa. He’s a FIGHTER! One has only to READ the lyrics he wrote all this time. He’s not a bit afraid. Crush him all you want. But ask yourself: WHY?

I went to see ma STAR ^_______^

The last time I saw Yonghwa perform live was Bluestorm HK. So it’s after a very long time that I attended Can’t Stop HK on May 17. I’ve been keenly watching fancams, TV shows and DVDs of those hundreds of CNBLUE concerts/performances in between and realize Yonghwa has improved tremendously, but I was still very shocked by what I saw and heard two days ago.

I don’t see the need to describe in words how good Yonghwa was. You must have watched fancams already. I don’t have the necessary vocabulary either. I’ve been a fan of Yonghwa’s powerful and versatile vocals since day 1, but I didn’t expect he could have gone this far. He just didn’t get tired singing at all. Up till the last song, the last note, he was the POWERFUL singer.

I was so happy that I got to watch him for two hours with my naked eyes. And I can tell he was HAPPY himself.

I really really appreciate he tried hard to speak Cantonese to get closer to the local fans. He did well. In a cute way. Instead of analyzing his music performance (I’ll leave that to other fans who can do better), I analyzed his Cantonese … by subbing what he said.

[Photo credit: Star HK | My audio recording]

When I closed my eyes and tried to sleep that night, I kept “seeing” him on stage playing the guitar singing, “feet dancing” while playing the piano, running around … and “hearing” him ask me “你哋  開唔開心呀?”

To ma STAR: 我好開心呀!

I used to

care a lot what hair styles Yonghwa sports or what outfits he wears. I actually wrote two posts about his hair. (Let’s talk about Yonghwa’s hair and brain / You like them not for their hair, but like talking about their hair?)

I wonder if he’s changed or I’ve changed. When someone says his hair looks weird, I secretly love it. I will argue that those crazy-patterned jackets look good on him, and insist he looks good in those “crazy” jackets. His growing confidence conquers every hair styles and different outfits? Or I’ve become blind?

He looked gorgeous in that xinmsn interview about “Can’t Stop Live in Singapore”. Excuse me if you hate his hair or jacket.

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-15h41m08s64 copy

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My super star’s movie (1080 full HD version)

They have a website for the whole ad campaign

What do you think? Too commercial? It’s a commercial. Too cheesy (in Chinese it’s “greasy”)? It’s about getting rid of the greasy shine on your face…

But my super star is incredibly handsome in it. Makes me miss Actor Jung so so so much. I actually found it romantic because he was going to China to find his girl and it happens he arrived in China today when the movie first launched not long after. And Yonghwa is going to meet his fans for real in China too (most probably Shanghai around mid May).

Ready for 40+ caps? Go!

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You’re Beautiful Official Guidebook 1 – Jung Yong Hwa Interview


Release date: 2010/4/22

Jung Yong Hwa

A new star who successfully portrayed a healing type character

Dreaming to be a singer, Jung Yong Hwa met with the biggest opportunity in his life in the autumn of 2009. You’re Beautiful became the jump start of his career. Then in January 2010, his dream came true; he debuted as a singer.

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The power of “can’t”

When I first heard about the title name “Can’t Stop”, I immediately thought of “Never Stop”. I think “can’t stop doing something” is a more realistic and powerful way to describe the determination and drive involved. Though “Can’t Stop” is a love song (The lyrics are fine poetry, according to the translation I read at justJYH), I’ve tried to replace the love interest as Yonghwa’s dream. He can’t stop chasing his dream! Don’t mind my over analysis. It’s such an interesting and powerful love song. Can’t even classify it to a particular genre. Plus, it’s so ELABORATE in many ways. The dramatic MV is a surprising bonus. Yonghwa is insanely stunning. His beauty keeps distracting me from fully enjoying his singing and the music. Screen capping and posting them may help me to focus. Maybe not. But I’ve bought the songs from iTunes already.cantstop (1) cantstop (2) Continue reading