Animated gifs from videos

There are softwares out there which can convert videos into animated gif directly. But most aren’t free and there are limitations to the kind of videos one can use. My way may be kinda dumb in the eyes of people who are tech-minded. But it works for me and it’s easy to learn.

Freewares required

1. Video player capable of generating consecutive screen caps automatically. Examples: KMPlayer, GOM Player

2. Photoscape


1. Have your video player collect consecutive frames from the clip.

2. Use Photoscape to batch edit the frames (resize, add your name, adjust levels, even add fancy frames).

3. Go to ‘animated gif’ of Photoscape to generate a gif out of the frames you’ve edited. Resize, custom timing, etc, possible.

Have fun making your own gifs. Caution: it’s totally addictive!

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