Editing gifs with VirtualDub

This is a follow-up post on gif making.

Photoscape is easy and good enough in most cases. But sometimes there is an annoying black border around the video or you want to crop a particular part of the video for the gif. Within the animated gif function of Photoscape, there isn’t a free-cropping tool. What a shame!

I usually use Photoshop Elements (not a freeware) to crop the gifs to my liking in that case. But there is a limit to the file size of the gif (3M). Then I upgraded to Photoshop Elements 9 from 5 last week and was so shock that it can’t edit animated gifs. Lucky that I didn’t uninstall the old version.

VirtualDub is basically an avi editor but can export the selected clip to an animated gif . Of course you can start making a gif with it from scratch but it’s limited to the plug-ins you can get for the various kinds of videos out there. Anyway, when using it as a gif editor, open the animated gif like an video. Then all the precise cropping function is in your hands. After that, export it as animated gif.

But of course you need to learn some basics about VirtualDub. Tons of tutorials out there.

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