Down Them ALL!!!

You know there were tons of CNBLUE pics around during their Asia Tour. You’re tired saving the hundreds of pics from a certain blog or webpage? I have used this Firefox add-on, DownThemAll, for many months but didn’t realize many people don’t know it yet. I’ve introduced this useful add-on to my CNBLUE buddies talking to them at twitter. Just in case you don’t know it yet.

After installation, you can access it from the Tools menu of Firefox. The following caps are from my macbook but everything is basically the same for Windows Firefox.

How is it useful?

1. For a site with pics in thumbnails when you usually click it to see the full-sized version for download, right-click the thumbnail to view a menu. When you click the blue-arrow one, a pop-up window will come out for you to save the full-size pic in a folder of your selection. Clicking the red-arrow one will have it saved to a folder already. But you need to select the path in the setting first.

NB. This works only if the thumbs are linking to a real link of the full-size pic, not another page with the full-size pic, like the case in facebook album or imageshack.

Sounds not that useful? How about when you can’t even right click?

2.  Say you want to save the Shinwoo pics from the official YAB site.

Clicking the above will have the following window pop out.

3. When you visit a forum with many pics you wanna keep, you can save many clicks by selecting the pic links like the above case to save. And if you’re a fan of re-naming files for organization, then you can set it in the renaming mask box. Sounds cool?

4. When downloading from mediafire, sendspace or the like, the DTA function appears in the pop-up window. Using it means much faster speed for it’s a download accelerator itself. It’s very obvious in my case.

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