CNBLUE in tuxedo(tagxedo)

Sorry if you feel cheated clicking my tweet to read this post. I mean making 200 CNBLUE into a tag cloud with the app Tagxedo.

You can see the full-effect of the cool app when making the tag cloud at the Tagxedo site. The words will spin with your cursor hovering over them.

The background pic I’m currently using for my twitter account was made with Tagxedo.

I posted the following to the soompi CNBLUE thread celebrating Yonghwa’s birthday on June 22. Maybe you didn’t notice.

I’m supposed to be able to embed the word cloud with the player in my blog post but I still can’t.
Anyway, made 2 with all the track names of their albums.
Click the links to view online.



2 thoughts on “CNBLUE in tuxedo(tagxedo)

    • Just play with the word options settings. Try different combinations to see the effect. I actually don’t know what those jargons mean …
      and play with the fonts setting, orientation and so on ^^

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