I LOVE fanpics and fancams

Don’t know about you but I think most fans can take better photos of CNBLUE than many news photographers. And I love watching fancams of their live performances, even more than TV programs. Of course it has a lot to do with the fans’ photography skills and filming skills. The bigger reason, in my opinion, is that those precious photos and videos are shot through the loving eyes of the fans behind the camera.

When I see those awesome pics and videos, what do I want to do? I want to post them everywhere to let the whole world see them; I want to make them into avatars and signature banners; I want to make gifs and fanvids out of them …

BUT for obvious or not-so-obvious reasons, doing the above may upset the fans or put them into ‘inconvenient’ situations.

So I check if re-posting of the photos and videos is allowed and refrain from editing them.

Zillions of thank-yous to ALL CNBLUE fans out there who generously share photos and videos. Life won’t be as happy as it is without your sharing.

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