When I make fanart

I admire all sorts of artists though I never consider myself one. But I have vivid memories of that only time when my Art teacher praised my painting in front of the whole class. When I found out Yonghwa is interested in art, I’m particularly happy as if we have something in common.
I like making wallies, collages, banners and avatars with pictures of artistes I like and post them to soompi and other forums.
But I’ve made very few CNBLUE/Yonghwa fanarts …
I’m too busy watching them;
I don’t see many soompiers making them and I think I’d look weird doing so;
Their pictures look too good to play around with.

I made a lame excuse to post simple CNBLUE wallies some months ago. I posted some Minhyuk pics to the soompi thread not realizing that they’re photoshopped fanart. A soompier pointed that out; I was so embarrassed. I said I should make up my mistake by sharing my own fanart.

And if you visit the soompi Yonghwa thread, you”ll see the headers I made. The current one is version 3.

Just changed the blog header to this today.

This post isn’t about ‘showing off’ my work; it’s showing you my love for the boys and particularly my ultimate bias, Yonghwa.

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