Lost in translation

I’m not proud of my English translation skills, but I’m proud that I have contributed a little spreading CNBLUE love to English reading fans. Among the various news, interviews and even fan account translations I have done, I have most satisfaction doing the following. I feel like digging them out and post the links here, just for my own record.

April 19, 2010 Naver Music Musician’s Choice Jung Yong Hwa’s ‘Music that makes one feel relaxed’

Feb 2010 Trendy No.8 CNBLUE version of You’re Beautiful

June 2010 Trendy No.12 LOVE~ LOVE~ LOVE~ together with CNBLUE

July 2010 Trendy No.13 Date With CNBLUE

Oct 2010 Trendy No.16 The First Visit in Taiwan CNBLUE

There are diligent Chinese fans who translate many materials originally in Korean and Japanese. I’ve been reluctant to translate materials indirectly from Chinese into English. I could have misunderstood some unfamiliar phrases used by the mainland Chinese fans and Taiwanese fans/reporters. You’ll understand what I mean if you’re Chinese: I (a Hongkonger) speak and write the language differently from them.  Anyway, some articles are just too good to be missed. I LOVE that Naver Music interview translated by a Taiwanese fan.

Maybe my English translations have been translated into other languages too. Are meanings lost in translation? Probably. But CNBLUE love is spread.

Many many thanks to all fans out there who translated various CNBLUE materials for the WORLD.

2 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. I totally agreed with the “lost in translation” part… i am very reluntant to translate UFO messages from chinese translations to english… sometimes the meaning is lost … thanks for translating trendy articles too … i do read them cos i m kinda lazy at times trying to figure out traditional chinese words … ^^ .. u are pampering us in fact ..lol ..

  2. I love that NAVER article too and now I know who to thank for! I remember reading it when I was still learning more about JYH and CNB and that was a turning point for me as it captured his inspirations, passion and eclectic taste in music. It was through this article that I knew this boy is serious about music, and isn’t just one of those ulzzangs out for only fame and fortune. Thanks klaritia!

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