Scanning thin magazine pages – with example

I saw some magazine scans with awesome pics of CNBLUE shared by ardent fans yesterday.

I’m thankful to the fans who took the time to make the scans but I think they could have make those scans even more awesome.

Some tricks I learned from everybody about scanning.

1. Put a black sheet behind the page you are scanning. The see through problem will disappear immediately. (Maybe not 100%.)

2. Use the de-screening filter of your scanning software to avoid the moiré pattern. You’ve got to use the advance mode for that.

I wanted to show you the difference by giving examples. Maybe tomorrow. Can’t spare time for that today.

Please try the tricks if you have magazine pages to share. Millions of thanks in advance.

PS Maybe your share your tips too?


I’ll show you how the black sheet can do magic. The Yonghwa pic on the back page is there as a shadow in the scan.

Put a black sheet at the back and scan again. The shadow is gone.

Just in case you haven’t got the scans of this very first Yonghwa pictorial from VogueGirl 2010 Jan Issue, download the 600dpi scans by me > Mediafire DL (34M)

You prefer smaller pics? (Not me :p)

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