HARD subbing

Last week, a friend asked what softwares I’m using to sub videos. So I planned to tell more about this. I think you need some basic experience with subbing to understand the following. I don’t mean I’m an expert. I mean I’m not going to explain things from scratch.

I prefer hard-subbing, not because I worry that people will steal my subs. It’s just that I like playing with the typesetting; I’m a fan of fonts and colors.
Aegisub is a very powerful subbing software. I have even made MVs (not CNBLUE ones) with fancy karaoke effects with it. Plus it’s multi-platform freeware.

To show you what it can do, I’m subbing the X10 mini ucc video.

After launching Aegisub, go to Video and import the video. Then click Audio and click use audio from video (I’ll show you later how this is useful).

Set a few styles for different uses for this particular subbing job.

Go to Subtitles > Style Manager

Just click the necessary buttons to create new styles.

There are all sorts of settings for the font color, outline, shadow and even transparencies. You can preview the style too. Cool.

To have the type-setting work right (i.e, appearing at exactly the position you want the words to be), the most importing thing is set the script property.

You can pretty much start with the real subbing after that.

There are times you want the subs to appear not just at the bottom of the screen. Visual typesetting! Click the screen caps to their real sizes for clearer reading.

This is most useful when you’re actually subbing the screen words. And good for putting a video logo (text only) somewhere too.

When the audio is imported, you can match the sub exactly with the sound wave of the sentence. Like this.

Read the manual from the official site or download this PDF to learn more, especially about the ASS override tags for more control, like breaks, font, font color, bold, italics and even movements!

When everything is done, saved it as ass. Then use a video editor that can support ass subs to encode the video. I usually use Virtualdub. But this particular raw video is a wmv and the plug-in I have isn’t working very well. So I used XviD4PSP. I have also tried Avidemux before.

Here is the result. Not bad?

And it case you wanna keep a copy of the subbed mp4. Mediafire DL

A note about using Virtualdub for hardsubbing, quoting from the official manual.

If you’re already familiar with VirtualDub filters, and don’t intend to do any other video processing, you should note that it’s possible to use VSFilter as a VirtualDub filter as well. Just rename the .dll to .vdf and copy it to the VirtualDub plugins folder. The filter will then be available as “TextSub”.

7 thoughts on “HARD subbing

  1. I think that friend is me? … lol..
    wow wow wow…. thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial of hardsubbing … it’s definitely very useful … will try it out soon ^^ …

    • So glad that this is of some use to you. ^^
      I watched that video yesterday. Thank you so much!
      I’m actually helping myself, i.e., fishing subbed videos from fellow fans.

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