How to rip video cut from DVD

There are literally tens of ways to do it. But if you’re new to this and not particularly fuzzy about choice of codecs and video formats, I think WinX DVD Ripper is easy to use and the outputs are good enough. I’m showing you how the free edition works. I tweeted about the platinum version give-away in late October. Too bad if you missed that for that version has more settings. Anyway, the free version even works with copy-protected DVDs.

In case you still use DVD recorder to record TV shows and want to share the recording with others online, you can convert the DVD content to a single video file (avi or other formats) with this program.

Here’s the user interface (pretty self-explanatory already!) and default settings. If you aren’t conscious of file size, you can set audio and video qualities to higher values. According to my experience, avi is of much better quality than mp4 (Platinum version’s mp4 settings are better).

I’m using the YAB Director Cut DVD as an example. I’m gonna rip the part when Shinwoo made up that sloppy love story in Episode 13. (Feel like crying already…)

(Click to bigger pic for clearer reading)

The typical DVD video resolution is 720×480. You won’t have problem viewing the drama as widescreen video on your TV set or computer’s media player as they’ll detect the video aspect ratio. It’s IMPORTANT that you custom set the video resolution if you intend to upload to streaming sites. Set it to the right aspect ratio or else the video will be distorted. (I can’t stand distorted videos!)

The DVD  audio is ac3, so I clicked ac3. In case you want a smaller file size, click mp3 and set to 128kps.

I just prefer xvid to divx. Set your own preference.

When you have set everything, choose the output path and click ‘Start’. The following will appear.

That clip took around 15 mins to finish.

Here’s the result. Good enough?

Download it to check out the video quality. Mediafire DL

Or see how it looks like when uploaded to a streaming site.

6 thoughts on “How to rip video cut from DVD

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  2. trying out this right now.. but my smenu looks different and my quality not as good as yours… maybe it’s the DVD itself .. is your for Mac? kkkk … thanks for the tutorial …

  3. hello,
    do u know how to save or download those clip in sliverlight?
    can you please teach me??
    thanks a lot!!=]

    • I don’t think there’s a way to “download” those videos. What I usually do is use a screen recorder to “record” it. What you see and hear, what you get.
      The software I have is bandicam. I pay to have logo free and unlimited time video recording.
      The free version allows 10 min max of recording and there’s a bandicam logo on the video.

      The biggest problem with screen recording is when the stream lags … say the video server is busy or your connection speed isn’t that good.

      Good luck!

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