HTML to BBCode and vice versa

Forums use BBCode while blogs use HTML. I don’t usually care about HTML as I have never been keen in blogging.

But the last soompi upgrade gave me a big headache. Somehow the old posts became coded in HTML and I had a hard time editing some of my posts. The soompi help post didn’t help but a fellow soompier introduced a good online converter, Cool HTML to BBCode Converter. Viola! I could finally edit the Yonghwa thread post #1. In case you gotta edit your soompi posts too. Just copy and paste everything into the box and click ‘Convert‘. Then copy the BBcodes to the soompi post. As simple as that.

Maybe once in a while, you gotta post your forum post to your own blog. I just tried this online converter, BBCode to HTML Converter Tool. I was copying my Listen To The CNBLUE in Hong Kong recap post to a page here. (I’m so running out of things to say in my own blog!) For I want to keep everything the same, I don’t even need to edit anything. Check out the soompi post and the I Listened To CNBLUE page. They look exactly the same, the only difference being the font and the youtube links.

I bet many CNBLUE fans around post goodies in their personal blogs. May I invite you to share your goodies to the soompi thread too? Just use the converter to get the BBCodes and it saves you time. I’m not selling the soompi forum. There’s no reason for me to do this. But I really can’t afford to stalk everywhere for CNBLUE goodies; I have so many sites bookmarked already. Not all visitors and posters there are CNBLUE fans but that’s exactly the good thing about it. As a fan myself, I feel like I’m helping to promote the boys to people. And sometimes fans of other groups or shows post translations and pics and we fans got benefited.

PS Maybe I have actually introduced an even easier mean for people to hotlink images. Please don’t. That’s totally EVIL.

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