I bought Ray 2011 Jan

I have OCD buying everything CNBLUE. Ordering Japanese magazines from online stores has become an expensive habit. I saved some bucks with this magazine as it’s available in the magazine stores here.

I’m sure you have seen the scans shared by Japanese fans. But the pages are bigger than A4, so …

Anyway, I scanned the precious 2 pages and seamed them together to get the group picture. (Click to see the full size.)

Or you want the 21M version? Mediafire DL

Then I cropped the profile pics as below.

I wish I could have the real signed polaroid pics.

PS When will FnC release CNBLUE concert DVDs? I can’t even buy the Live Magazine! FnC don’t know we fans are downloading concert clips everywhere and make our own DVDs? Don’t they wanna make money or not?!

6 thoughts on “I bought Ray 2011 Jan

  1. LOL Your last comments are spot on. I am just dying for them to release their DVDs! FNC, make some $$ AND fans like me happy!!! Enjoying your blog, thanks for starting this!

  2. klaritia, I followed this topic since this morning.
    I almost agree with you ~~~
    I paid a lot for many stuffs about our boys, I flew from Bangkok to see the boys first concert as well. All costs I’ve paid I feel very proud and happy but from now I have to think twice. Because I want to pay for our boys not their … company.
    Hope to hear the truth that can change my mind to be as yesterday.

    • Think we gotta make their company rich before the boys can be real rich? Buying albums is the best support. Copyright fees go straight to their accounts, I heard. 🙂

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