A song for the fool – BTS

First, my apology to those (very few?) Yonghwa fans who have been waiting for my sharing Yonghwa cuts from the YAB Making Film Japan DVDs. Been too busy stalking Yonghwa/CNBLUE. And the few hundred clicks on YouTube (clips with other ANJELL guys got many more clicks >,<) and download stats (6 to 7) of the clips I’ve posted at soompi aren’t too encouraging. Anyways, my intention of sharing Yonghwa goodies has never been wanting love, but spreading Yonghwa love. So, I’d better work hard to help him win hearts! (As if he needs my help. Actually I’ll feel sorry if he actually needs any help on this.)

This is too out-dated? Or Yonghwa fans have moved on and don’t care about YAB that much? Though I LOVE his playing Shinwoo, I have only watched YAB for about 3 times at most. I ain’t that obsessed with his role in YAB at all. Like what Yonghwa has said in interviews, Shinwoo’s a good guy but has annoying qualities in terms of personality. But don’t you think he’s absolutely deadly handsome in the show and damn cool in some scenes? Not to mention that his first time acting is impressive.

Weren’t you MOVED watching that scene in Episode 12 when Shinwoo sang Minam ‘A Song For The Fool’? I liked it when he SHOUTED at Minam. But he just loved her too much to leave her crying alone. He sang her the song to show his heart but DUMB Minam just didn’t understand. When I first watched the scene, I thought: What a romantic guy! Who writes a song and sing it to the girl he loves! Then he actually said in an interview that he’d rather write and sing a song to the girl he likes than buy her presents. So there’s some real side of Yonghwa in Shinwoo. (But this song-writing thing has caused some arguments among ‘rival’ camps of fans … You know what I mean … Please don’t talk to me about this. Totally fed up already.)

Back to the BTS. According to a Japanese magazine interview, he sang the song for the first time at the filming set. As can be seen from the footage, he couldn’t remember the lyrics and so there was this big cardboard with the lyrics and he wrote the guitar chords on it himself. He said in the interview that he wasn’t satisfied with his singing in the scene. What about you? I think it’s GOOD. It needn’t be perfect to be convincing for the scene. Plus, it was the first time people heard him sing. Many viewers were impressed.

I’ve talked too much. Enjoy!

Wanna keep a copy? Mediafire DL

PS Yonghwa worked for 22 hours a day during his YAB days. I bet he’s as busy now if not busier. But he didn’t have the BURDEN then. Hope he’ll stay HEALTHY and HAPPY.


Just in case you don’t visit the soompi Yonghwa thread where I post Yonghwa goodies all this time. Check out this Mediafire folder for the related DVD rips I’ve shared before. Have just added the supermarket trip one. Hopefully I have time to rip more soon.

3 thoughts on “A song for the fool – BTS

  1. this is my fave scene in YAB,att i didn’t knw that he can sing!!and i just know CNBLUE since this,ahaha.. xD

    thanks to Shinwoo & CNBLUE for coming to my fangirling life,lol (random)

    and never get tired to say thanks to u for always sharing ^^

  2. Shinwoo, my second lead actor obsession .. i love him in the show of cos, but what made me continue to notice him is him being in a band. My friend who knew my obsession for bands told me Yong2 was in a band … that’s how I began stalking him and the rest is history. But I will not forget how I get to know him .. Shinwoo!! I did struggle a bit when I knew that Yong2 is never like Shinwoo’s character but I love Yong2’s character even more (minus the narcissism). Yong2 is the only one in CNBlue whom I can say I love you without feel “pedo” >.< …

  3. I am sure I speak for many more people when I say that I truly appreciate you taking the time ( and from your previous posts, maneuvering of complex tools and processes) and $$ to purchase, rip, load, gif and sometimes sub YH goodies for the rest of us to share! I’m truly savoring these precious nuggets of unseen YH-in-Shinwoo-guise BTS moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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