I actually tweeted the MF link of this fancam. But I deleted the tweet (I wanted to add proper credits by tweeting but changed my mind) and am posting it here …

Not that I’m hungry for page views of my blog. I don’t give a damn about site stats. I checked site stats just to see if the good stuffs I think are good or the tips I think fans around should know get some kind of attention. It turns out they aren’t that good or useful in the eyes of boices around. I assume you guys who follow me on twitter do that cause I share CNBLUE goodies. Maybe I’m Yonghwa biased but you guys ain’t Yonghwa biased … I have wanted my blog to contain exclusive stuff by me, CNBLUE goodies or my own thoughts. There have been exceptions: just some re-posting of others’ fancams or uploads. But the exceptions aren’t here to boost page views.

Sorry! Kinda off-topic. Back to track!

You have seen this on YouTube already …

And dear saturn. told us something about it in the soompi thread …

After part 1, we saw a video clip. It was filmed at the day of Golden Disk Awards. We could see behind the stage and rehearsal and red carpet…
Yonghwa was asked what was the hardest thing, and he answered there’s no hard thing at all so far. He just appreciated all works he could do, and was enjoying every work.
When he was asked what’s his goal in the future, he answered within 6 years, he would hit the number one of Billboard chart. I don’t know what 6 years mean, not 5 years or 10 years. It’s accurate. Maybe something is in his mind. I guess 6 years is the maximum period he can postpone his military duty, so he wants to accomplish something specific before his military duty.

The words on screen at the end of the video is TOUCHING.

It’s a day a little special.
But just as usual, inside the car heading home
We fell asleep … AGAIN
Though once in a while we feel tired and find life tough
We LOVE living our lives now as CNBLUE

Chinese trans by karekano @ jungyonghwa.cn
English trans by klaritia

I downloaded the avi version from www.jungyonghwa.cn (Yonghwa First Chinese Site)

I’m glad that the video can be re-shared. But I gotta post the thumbs as it is in the thread and the details of production as well. Please do the same if you wanna re-share.

Mediafire DL【名 称】:[YHFS]101218 Feel The BLUE 2nd Concert VCR
【大 小】:55M
【时 长】:4:16
【压 制】:SANNY1987
【拍 摄】:Kenji
【翻 译】:karekano
【制 作】:郑容和中国首站

Please note that re-upload to YouTube isn’t allowed. The fansite has their own YouTube/YouKu/Tudou channel too. So basically the whole world can see the video.

The Chinese fans are just GENEROUS to share the avi for us to keep!

PS I’m absolutely touched by the video. And I can feel CNBLUE via fancams, fanpics and audio recordings by generous fans around. Having been to a mini-live ISN’T ENOUGH. One of these days, I’m gonna go to such a great CNBLUE concert too!

One thought on “I FEEL the BLUE

  1. Thank you for sharing.. as Chinese fans and you ..

    I don’t know how to say my feeling : to proud for them ya, of course..
    so worried for them that really need them have more the resting time
    Anyway here is their target, their Goal

    we are Fans.. who always support them on everywhere..

    Love you, C.N.Blue- Yonghwa

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