Saying Goodbye to Shinwoo

It’s almost Christmas already. Just around this time last year, I subbed the Yonghwa interview video in which he wished fans a merry Christmas and asked us to anticipate CNBLUE’s debut. Christmas must be his favorite festival; there are bling bling decorations everywhere. I haven’t been thinking much about Shinwoo since last Christmas actually; I’ve been busy stalking him on variety shows and his busy CNBLUE schedules. Still I collect everything about You’re Beautiful: DVDs, OSTs, magazines. Shinwoo is special for he leads me to the real multi-faceted Yonghwa and refreshing CNBLUE. I’m sending a Christmas present (before it got all so stale) to Yonghwa fans around, especially those who have liked him since his YAB days.

Ta da … I have basically edited out all the footage of Yonghwa in the YAB Making Film Japan DVDs (excluding the parts which are also found in the Korean version and are everywhere). Check out the Mediafire folder for avi downloads. Sorry for the unreasonably big file sizes of some of them. It’s due to a dumb thing I did during editing and I’m too lazy to redo them.

There are all together 17 clips (including the Japanese magazine photoshoot BTS). Maybe you’ve seen them on YouTube or downloaded them from the soompi thread already. I’ve uploaded the last 7 clips today.

I heard drama PDs of the whole country want him to be in their dramas. And it seems he has the ambition to show off his talent in the acting field too. He was even jealous of his bandmates’ participation in movie/drama. What about you? Dying to see him in another drama? But our boy is doing too good in all areas, not to mention he even has his bad name of ‘nuisance MC’ erased and now has 2 MC jobs every week. I think the only possible way for him to be in a drama is that the variety show PDs let go of him. When Kim Hyun Joong took part in Boys Over Flowers, he left that show. If you see what I mean …

As a fan, I watch everything he’s on. I have no problem with his choices. (I hope he really has choices; not that his management decides everything for him and CNBLUE.) I even hope he’s really fond of his virtual wife, for that will make the long hours of filming outdoors in winter so much more enjoyable.

So it’s time to say goodbye to Shinwoo. My Christmas wish: we can talk about Yonghwa the actor, not just as Shinwoo, sometime next year.

Merry Christmas to Yonghwa and fellow fans!!!


New download link of the avi files. [panbaidu | PW=twvu]


11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Shinwoo

  1. thanks for doing this , will DL them ^^… I have actually been over his Shinwoo character since they debuted and he showed his “real face” … keke … but of cos I will never forget Shinwoo and sometime even miss Shinwoo … eventhough I kept saying i want to watch YAB again, but I never did cos I love Yong2 more than Shinwoo >..< …

  2. thanks for sharing these a fan of him i only can hope he’s enjoying every part of his shows nowadays and be happy with them… like in YAB, i know he’s happy when he’s doing YAB (as we can see in every BTS video), but i don’t know about his others variety show now, if the crew can provide a BTS video (you know what from what show it is), showing he is happy and enjoying the show.. i wouldn’t mind.. i’m really ok with that.. (finger crossed)

    sorry for my bad english.. ^^;

  3. Okay! First of all, thank you for sharing your videos for dl and to watch in YT. I’m not saying this to kiss ass or something but I do follow you on twitter though I don’t really put input in it since twitter is really not my thing and I use it to just find news about the boys if possible. I actually got teary when I read your post here. It’s just very sentimental. I actually don’t know how to put it in words but like you I am a fan of Yong Hwa and I do watch everything he is on even if I don’t understand Korean. I just admire this young man who at a very young age has been given such a big responsibility and though at times he makes mistakes along the way he never let it stop him from improving himself and correcting the mistakes he has made. As I said I do follow you on twitter and I perceive that you are not fond with one of his show. For me am I a diehard fan of that show?….not really I do enjoy it though because he is in it and I get to see the silly side of this young man because there are times that I do forget he is just a boy still. I mean, he is 22 in Korean age and he keeps saying he is a grown up but let’s face it a 20 something young man is still a goofy teenager deep inside cause he just got out of his teenage years, so I love seeing him there and being silly especially when his bandmates are in the show too because it gives me a glimpse of how he must be bts with his bandmates. As I said, I am not a diehard fan and if tomorrow they announce that he will be leaving that show I would be fine and perhaps I can say I will be relieved since he will get a chance for a much needed break. I feel that in that show he has shown enough and whatever he may want to show still can wait for another time because he is still young. You ask if we want to see him in another drama….for sure I do but right now, I think he has too much on his plate already. But for sure I want to see him in a drama again since it was in ShinWoo that I noticed this talented young man and hence CN BLUE. Right now my ultimate wish if for him to be just Yong Hwa of CN BLUE, not Yong Hwa as MC, or Yong Hwa as ShinWoo or even Yong Hwa of YongSeo. Just for now I just want him to concentrate on being Yong Hwa, vocal and guitarist of CN BLUE…..Because I sometimes feel that will all of his role he is spreading himself too thin and others may not see him as what he was before YAB which is YONG HWA, a member of indie band CN BLUE.

    I’m sorry for such a long post but I always loved your pov and posts in both soompi and twitter so for that thank you.

    • Thank you! I really love reading it. I mean, what’s the point of writing here if I don’t expect people to read. And comments (long or short) are encouragement for input.
      You have basically spoken my mind when you share your thoughts about how you see Yonghwa as a talented and improving YOUNG artist.
      Nevertheless, on your perceiving my not liking that show, I feel like explaining more. It’s complicated. When I first knew he’s on it, I was like: No, too much work! Then I looked forward to every Saturday’s broadcast and watched it with ‘guilty pleasure’, made gifs and posted them, read dialogue translations, and watched the subbed version again. He is so CUTE trying to please his wife and everything he says and does is so ADORABLE. But he and the girl seem to be people from different planets. At first, I thought that’s the fun part. Then as time went by, I became annoyed that his efforts to make her happy and impressed weren’t well received at all. I risk myself being attacked by her fans saying the above or even more. Another thing that annoys me to no end is that people say Yonghwa/CNBLUE become more famous ALL because of that show. Come on, that show may have let some people not into K music know them. But they have to be good enough to be really popular. And when people are happy JUST BECAUSE OF his wearing the couple ring during performances, but not SEEING his own handsome self, never mind APPRECIATING his good singing and music skills, I’m most outrageous. Still, I laugh and grin watching each episode, though I ain’t that dying to watch it as in the first couple of months. I’m not a bit jealous of his becoming close to his wife. It’d be great that he’s really fond of her. Filming would then be a PLEASURE. My liking him involves no romantic feelings, just admiration of his talents (+ good look). I’m too OLD for such fantasy and my sweet heart doesn’t allow it. (He complains a little but actually bought me the ticket to the HK mini-live.)
      If Yonghwa decides to concentrate on music activities but not acting, I have no problem with that. I have that wish just because I heard he wants to be in a drama himself.
      This talented young man just deserves every success and recognition; cheering for him all this time has been a HAPPY experience.

      • anne and klaritia, the both of you have just voiced my exact sentiments so very eloquently!

        anne – As you said, he is so young yet so determined to do well in everything he does and like you, I worry that he is spreading himself too thin too. But I suppose that is the advantage of youth – he has the energy, passion and a whole lot of guts to just try new things and whenever he is knocked down, he just picks himself up and tries harder! It is indeed strange how I am rooting so hard for him to succeed – I am way past my ‘idolizing’ days and am happily married to a wonderful man. 🙂 I guess I admire him for not only his many artistic talents (+ good looks too), but also for his complete focus on reaching his dreams. I believe that Yong Hwa is one of those rare few who can do anything he sets his mind to do – musician, actor, chef, doctor… anything. And then there’s still the playful side of him to balance all that out…

        klaritia – I am nodding at everything you wrote about Yong Hwa and the ‘show’! Initially, I was happy as any screen time for YH and CN Blue is publicity that is vital for a rookie group no matter how talented they are. Though that still rings true, it really irks me when some of the more fanatical fans (am not saying all, but there certainly seems to be quite a few of them) start to attribute EVERYTHING about him (and CNBlue, by extension) to the couplehood. Like he, as an individual, has diminished and his sole existence is for the purpose of being a ‘good husband’!!! Totally ridiculous! As a married woman, I find it extremely insulting (and worrying) to suggest that one’s life disappears once you are in a relationship or get married!

        Anyway, thank you again klaritia for starting this blog dedicated to a very special young man. I love reading your thoughts and of those who visit here!

      • Hi! I told you I followed you on twitter. How do I answer you? Hmmm!!! It was nice to know that you do enjoy or would it be right to say DID enjoy that show….For me, I still do enjoy it just because he is in it. Like checkinout, I am too old to be fangirling for any group let alone a Korean band. Though I am not married, like you klaritia, I am in a relationship and my significant other just shakes his head when he sees me on the internet looking for anything about this band and in particular this boy. But he would just let me be and just smile at my silliness. Okay, like you there are times that I do feel that some of the fans of the show are just seeing him as the husband first before anything else but there are others that sees him as the YOUNG husband who is a very responsible leader of a very talented rookie band. They also saw how talented he is. But I do agree that there are people who are a bit more fanatic than others and hence I can understand why some fans of the boys aren’t please with the show and with some of it’s followers. I do get annoyed too when they watch his shows to see if he is wearing a certain accessory and some would be put off, if he isn’t and it’s nice to see that in the couple thread others would defend him if he isn’t wearing it and for those who do defend him I am thankful which for me makes visiting the thread a bit more fun and bearable. I appreciate the fact that people who aren’t their fans became the fans of the group due to the show. Others became fans of JungShin because of the show and now some are looking at Jong Hyun in a different light due to the latest episode because they saw the dorkiness of the lead guitarist.

        Okay, I’m going in circle again but I just wanted to thank you for clarifying your POV with regards to the show. As I have stated, I consider myself a fan of the show but not a fanatic of the show and I do get annoyed of it sometimes like you when he puts in so much effort but get nothing in return during the earlier episodes. Right now I am satisfied of what is happening in the show and also I love reading in the forum when news or stories bts says that the production crew loves them and is very fond of them more so than the other couple because I feel like it may be due to Yong Hwa because I remember in different posts of CN BLUE that they are very polite and respectful even bts and so I feel that it can be attributed to him. Weird isn’t it. I even get a kick when the girl’s manager who made an appearance in the past 2 episodes and she said that her manager seems to like him more than her, it was that scene that made me happier and not so much the romantic inkilings of the show. It’s snippet of informations like this that makes me keep on watching. When fans of the show go to the places that they went to and interview the people who met them share their experiences it makes me see how he must be bts. I remember reading about the billiard and italian pasta resto they went too once. The billiard owner was full of praise for Yong. He told the fans that he seemed such a nice young man who is someone who he felt will really succeed in his goal. He said Yong was very polite and respectful and that he didn’t act as if he was a celebrity. Also the young waiter in the pasta place, he told the fans that he was a diehard fan of the girl but after meeting Yong, he said he changed because he said Yong was such a cool guy and when he was a fan of the girl group he said now he is a fan of CN BLUE and especially Yong Hwa. Those are the stories that keeps me on logging in, in their couple thread. Not the long analysis but those bts stories.

        With regards to the drama, as I said I want to see him in a new one and if one of his shows will give him up so he can pursue this drama then I am all for it. I just don’t want him to do a drama when he still has so much going on. I mean I heard the audio of the concert provided by saturn and I have to say it made me worry for this boy more because as saturn said he apologized in his UFO for his mistakes and it makes me sad because he is a perfectionist so he must be berating himself for what happened. He did not seemed to be enjoying himself in some of the fancams of the concert. He just looked tired. I don’t want him to say sorry anymore, I just want him to try his best and smile again while performing. So in the end, as his fan, I just want him to be happy and as his fan I will continue supporting him and praying for his success. His and CN BLUE’s success. I feel that in 6 years time he may very well be in the Billboard chart cause he surely got the talent to do it.

        And to fans like you, I thank you because I feel like I am not alone in supporting this young talented man. I don’t know if I am making sense since I lack sleep. I do know I made a lond winded post and for that I am sorry since I am too tired to edit it anymore. Just THANK YOU for sharing news about Yong Hwa to other fans like me. For now, I have to say bye. Keep those posts coming. My twitter id is 0129anne, I’ll try to unlock it but there really is no point since I don’t post anything. Hehehe!!!

  4. wow .. i m back to continue DL-ing .. and saw such long comments ..keke .. din really read cos it’s too long …but strange thing is my previous comment actually got truncated … it should be more than that but of cos less than what you girls wrote .. keke … thanks for the DL links …

  5. Hi there Klaritia=)
    I had to blame myself first for only knowing it today that you actually had a blog that totally dedicated to Yonghwa.
    after reading this post, i was like: Wow,i finally found someone that speaks my mind.
    you and Anne0129. both of you did!
    i must say that i AGREE with every single words that you guys wrote!!
    if you realised, i’m also a frequent visitor to both of the thread( the reality show and cn blue thread itself, sometimes even posting my opinion and pictures)
    i must say, i watched every episodes too, and the sole reason would be because of Yonghwa. (I dont even know the girl and her group before i watched the show for i am not into Kpop before this, not untill i’ve found CN Blue. i’m only into K drama.)

    just like everyone, i started to fall head ovel heels towards Shinwoo. soon after finished watching YAB,i started to search everything about him. then i found CN Blue.
    i started watching every show that he appeared too, that’s when i know about the reality show and started to fall for the real Yonghwa,not just Shinwoo. i must admitted i began to love that couple too but i don’t think i’ll be feeling sad if it ends for i know it is just a reality show.
    but somehow deep down inside my heart, i feel that he is taking the show too serious and i’m afraid he might get hurt because of this.
    He had a long journey ahead and i just hope that he is happy in everything that he’s doing now.
    sorry for the long post=)
    i’m just to happy to found someone that share the same thought with me.

    • Hello and thanks for comment.
      “That’s what it means to be a fan; you don’t walk alone.”
      I think Yonghwa’s serious about everything he does, that show included. And he’s definitely been hurt doing it. Many fans told me YH used to be their bias but he’s dumped because he’s doing the show (I hope they’re exaggerating things or just excusing themselves for shifting bias). People’s attention has been at the wrong focus observing him as a celebrity ‘related’ to Seo Hyun who’s got TONS of fans, instead of his own charm and various talents.

  6. Really? the fans said that?
    i just dont understand how Korean entertainment work(+_+)
    like the tv show, i just dont like the way they are playing with two innocent hearts,and involving the parents too!
    but like you said,if he’s happy than as a fan i will always support him.
    hope to see him in a new drama too!!! (i wanted him to play the bad guy turns good as he once said that he wanted to have that kind of role)
    but i dont want him to be overburden too.
    he’s indeed the Type A!

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