Haven’t seen scans of this Japanese magazine around. Or I missed them? Anyway, I decided to make you envy my owning it. CNBLUE on cover! There’s a folded poster (A3) and even the DVD has their picture on it. Just too bad the X10 mini CF isn’t of any better quality then the one from SE site. >,< Lucky that a D.C. fan has shared the 1080p TV cut before.

Download zipped folder here

Please post them everywhere so that some kind soul will read the article and translate it to English or Chinese (I can read just 2 languages.)

I love the sub-heading of the cover story – Brightest Hope of Coming Year!

That really shows how they have impressed music lovers in Japan. I’m staring at the pic and title right now with mixed feelings, however. As there’s news about the possibility of their postponing the Korean album release to focus on acting (Yonghwa most probably but the news mention all the boys too.) Can I take back my Christmas wish now? I didn’t mean I expect their putting music aside when I said I want to see Yonghwa in a drama sometime next year! That’s a bad idea. So their company (or the boys) have given up promoting band music to Koreans? If it means they’ll still put a lot of effort releasing Japanese albums and doing concerts in Japan, I’m more comfortable with that. But the words Yonghwa said winning MMA (that they won’t forget their first intention) are still ringing in my head. I just feel uneasy. There are comments around saying fans should support their decisions, blah, blah, blah … but supporting the boys doesn’t mean liking whatever they are doing or whatever is going on with their careers. If what I’ve said makes sense …

I can’t say I know much about the Korean entertainment world (nor Japanese one), but I just don’t think their management has helped them at all for their achievement so far. The only thing they’ve done right has been leaving the boys in Japan doing street lives on their own before their debut. This particular management knows nothing about marketing, nor PR management. I just hope they won’t do anything stupid to ruin these boys’ careers.

My new year wish: CNBLUE bring even more awesome music to the world.

5 thoughts on “HOT CHILLI PAPER Vol.62 CNBLUE

  1. dear, my eye went teary just reading your post … i am kinda tired with all these waiting for their comeback which has been postponed twice for drama … I like CNBlue cos they are a band … but i see many positive comments of liking them to be in drama … I dont know how to express my frustration and disappointment with words anymore … I guess all I can do now is to wait for their comeback with new album … I will cherish the “Re-maintenance” album for now… thanks for sharing the quality scans …

  2. I agree. They can venture into acting for all they want I just hope the management won’t put aside their comeback… The articles about the drama talks are really confusing. I think it was just yesterday when I read that Yonghwa will do a drama during 2nd half of the year(which is fine with me since they can have their album release during the first half of the year) but this morning an article popped out that says he’ll be doing it during the first half…

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  4. I’ve heard some news (and i don’t know whether should i take it as a bad or as a good news) about CNBLUE this morning regarding to their plan this year..

    After i read that news..
    i don’t know what should i do.. since every boice have their own opinion about it (good&bad)

    But if i can write a letter for them..
    i want to write this one..

    Dear my CNBLUE boys,

    How’s your first week in this year?? I hope it’s great ^^

    I’ve listened to your new Japanese songs, so far they are great, as usual..
    But I realized if KIMIO sounds a bit like KARMA in some parts ^^ kekekeke~
    Bump of Chicken is really your favorite band, huh? But still, i like it.^^

    Is it true if you guys will have some solo activities this year? It would be great!!
    Even tough I’m happy when I heard that (because it’s mean I can see you more) , honestly deep inside my heart I feel a bit sad.
    I prefer to see you more often because of your songs, not other things, because it’s music who make me deeply in love with you guys..
    And I know some boices also feel a bit disappointed with your preference.

    But then I flash back and put some self reflection in my mind, I realized that you guys are still young, you guys are in age when passion is the most important thing in your life, age when you can put your dream as high as you can..
    Age when you can reach an achievement as much as you can..
    I think it’s normal if all of you want to explore other things except music…
    So yeah.. I think your choice to try other fields more than music is a big OK ^^
    As long as you will keep your promise to give your best in every fields that you try 🙂 (but I hope it’s not far away from music, film, drama or emcee-ing, how about drama musical??? it would be great!!)
    I don’t like if you come out in every kind of variety show (since maybe some people can generalized you as an idol, when I knew you’re not..)

    So please do what you want (as long if it’s a great thing)
    Fly as high as you can
    Run as fast as you can

    Because we know that you will comeback with some great music 🙂

    And I don’t mind to wait for it ^^

    *Because CNBLUE is LOVE*

    I’m sorry if my comment is out of topic.. but IMO it’s still in it.. kekeke
    and yeah i really like your blog,
    i always read your new posts…. ^^

    i hope boice will keep their support and love to CNBLUE
    as i know they always trying to give their best to us, boice.. 🙂

    Thank you,
    (please bear my spoiled english, since it’s not my native language ^^; hehe..)

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