Those fans have done NOTHING WRONG

Maybe I’m just repeating what I’ve tweeted, but I still feel like spilling my guts here.

I totally don’t understand that person who emailed that nice Korean fan upsetting her and causing some other fans to hide the fancams. If that person is somebody from the agency, I’d like to point out that those fans are actually helping them in terms of promoting the boys. They should be thankful, not just us the fans. Seeing those fantaken pics and videos has just made me like the boys even more and buy everything I can buy about the boys, even multiple copies of albums. I think I’m speaking on behalf of many fans around. Why do they think the Asian Tour has been such a great success? Without the fans who shared stuff, they think people outside Korea would have been so interested in the boys?! So, stop bullying the fans already!

Hearing fans around telling me what happened made me think: It’s like I’ve fallen in love with a prince but people around me say I’m no match and shouldn’t even watch him secretly. (I don’t know whether I should be happy or not; a fellow fan says she likes my comparison.)

There must be something wrong about wordpress site stats. I have 1000+ page views this morning. Somebody reported my “crime” to certain authority too? What a joke!

BTW, showing off my copy of CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.1, costing me US$56 to acquire.

6 thoughts on “Those fans have done NOTHING WRONG

  1. i agree wholeheartedly with your opinion!
    nothing more than i can add to your choice words other than my disappointment as well
    thanks for voicing your concerns & sharing the pic!

  2. Dear Klaritia,
    I can’t agree more with you.
    It was a shock for me,Casey and Chiara last night.
    But no one to turn to for translating, so we just made our own conclusions. Huhu.
    I left a supportive message to Jennifer, hope she will reply it.

    p/s: would like to know your views on CNB “going to concentrate on individual activities in 2011”. hope you’ll share your opinion because I’m confused right now. TT__TT

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  4. Klaritia, totally agree that the fanpics and fancam made us love CNBlue even more … wrote my thoughts on my blog too … din wanna take up you comment space … i m emotional when it comes to things related to CNBlue and BOICEs … sigh

  5. I have to agree. Though I knew about CN Blue after seeing JYH in YAB it was through fan pics and fan accounts and also fan cams that my love for these boys grew to what it is now. I honestly don’t think FNC would bother with fans in such a manner that fans would take down their own blogs. I feel it is someone who is just jealous of the fans or the boys. I even thought of the YT account that BLOSSOM reported for copyright infringement. I even thought it could be that person who did this to BLOSSOM and KOJIMOM. I just felt devastated upon learning what has happened. Hope everything will be resolved soon. Rewatching CN BLUETORY to ease the heartache.

    • Kojimom too? I haven’t heard from Jen-unnie about that.. what the…

      we have stop sharing photos taken by fans already.. FNC should focus more on how to SHARE updates about CNBLUE as well how to promote them properly.

      That vol.1 Magazine is really costly.. cost me about $30+ too.. aishhh

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