Just because his name is Jung Yong Hwa?

This morning, I spazzed with fans on twitter about CNBLUE’s latest activity (which isn’t on their official time table). I love seeing those cyworld pics of CNBLUE visiting a school signing for kids, speaking with them. It looks like they had a lovely encounter. Imagining myself as one of the fortunate kids being able to stare at YongYong, maybe talk to him too. So sweet!

Then I saw this news pic … recognized immediately the politician who visited CNBLUE debut showcase almost a year ago.

I’ve been wondering if a forty-something guy could really appreciate Yonghwa and cheer for him openly? That was such a cute thing.

Then I heard saturn. said Korean fans actually are worried about Yonghwa and CNBLUE being used for political reasons. I was like … everything turned kinda ugly, my fantasy’s become a nightmare …

So it’s just because our boy’s name is Jung Yong Hwa? The politician has the same name as our boy, in case you don’t know. I still remember Yonghwa explaining the meaning of his name: peaceful face … Our Yonghwa is really a very kind-hearted boy. But everybody wants to use him for various reasons.

This also makes me realize that as a fan knowing so little about everything in Korea, I just don’t understand what’s best for Yonghwa or CNBLUE. I may have my opinions about everything but there’s little foundation on them. I can only pray that everything goes right with their careers. So I should just relax, enjoy watching them and spazzing with fans about them.

This is really so random.

PS When I was digging up that newsbank pic, I stumbled on this recent Yonghwa pic when he’s on red carpet of SBS Entertainment Awards.

Love his peaceful smile here!

4 thoughts on “Just because his name is Jung Yong Hwa?

  1. I din realised that Yong2 ‘s name has that kind of meaning … but it hurts to know that he is always the one who is being “made use of” .. and no, I dont want it to be any of our CNBlue boys to be “made use of” .. but this world is so realistic …

    Yes i agree, i feel that he is the kindest leader i have ever seen, that’s why everytime my “hate” towards him (when something i disagree happens) will not last for more than one day … (yeah i got no principle >.<) .. & I hope they have some rest b4 the concert….

    • Also i think Yong2 really love his bandmates … and i mean he is IN LOVE with his bandmates (esp dimples…keke) … he is the only one who say will introduce sister if he has one to his bandmates …

  2. I haven’t expected that CNBLUE was the target of politician coz they are too young…
    I hate the politician the most for my country. They’re really selfish.
    And this happened with CNB so sad and hope that FnC will manage their schedule well.
    They need to rest and do more practice.
    Ps. glad to see that KCBlue n Henna be friend with the boys again LOL ..let be BOICE^^

  3. 1st i was happy cuz what they did for the children~
    but after reading saturn’s post at soompi i cant help but to worry a bit..
    getting involved wif politician could turn out a bit messy if anything gone wrong..
    hope FnC making a wiser decision for the boys..
    as for the peaceful face pic that uve posted..*stares*
    man..ive definitely fall for that..hope that he can keep that face till the day they’re called grandfather band *crossingfingersntoes*

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