Feeling warm in a COLD winter morning

It’s just 10 degree C here this morning. Very cold for me already. Then I remember this Nii winter catalog I ‘bought’ earlier. It comes ‘free’ with the Korean magazine Ceci (can’t remember which issue). Ceci is available in most magazine stores here.

I know you’ve seen scans of them months before. Anyway, as I was staring at the pictures, I decided to scan them and show them off here. In case it’s cold in your place too, stare at these and you’ll feel warm.

They look so warm in thick clothes, and most importantly, they have each other!

I always love watching those BTS videos of their photoshoots. I’m sure they’re tired but I just see they’re enjoying each others’ company so much.

I heard the theme of this set of photos has something to do with being funny/humorous … Did you love their looks in the group pic above?

And this is our YongYong looking funny 🙂

I wonder if he actually likes his fans finding him funny. I couldn’t help laughing when I first saw it and I’m still grinning like a fool typing this line.

But the catalog has too few pics, some of those in the official site aren’t in it. And the site provide LQ pics only.

Anyway, all the rest of the pages below, plus 2 full page scans of the magazine ads.

Zipped folder > Mediafire Download

PS I don’t think I have that many readers but I must apologize if you come here wanting to find good stuff about CNBLUE. I don’t have much to share. And you may feel annoyed for I tend to talk too much when posting videos and pictures. Plus, my post titles are so irrelevant …

2 thoughts on “Feeling warm in a COLD winter morning

  1. lol! ive seen this before but it doesnt hurt to share it again rite!!
    btw, dont worry about ur rant since i enjoyed it the most since we have a thing in common! its of course none other than the Stargazing ‘E’! hehehe

    btw,i also think YH wanted the fans know that he kinda funny guy but in the same time when it comes to music he becomes mature and charismatic but then again..he ended up being funny and dorky..

    p/s: random topic sometimes could lead tp another higher level of endorphine! lol! now that’s random!

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