When Yong-yong was Yong-yong

Just in case you don’t know yet. Yonghwa’s childhood name was Yong-yong, which was revealed in You’re Beautiful Guidebook 2 – Jung Yonghwa 100 Q&As

I’ve been curious about his childhood. And the latest episode of WGM just got me wondering about it all over again. Seeing Yonghwa and his mommy teasing each other so casually, I’m quite sure Yong-yong had a happy childhood. And his mom said he was liked by everybody when he’s a kid. Of course I believe her. And she even said he used to say he only loved Mama but nobody else. Who doesn’t love a cute boy with a sweet tongue?

This is the first Yong-yong pic ever surfaced out there, Yonghwa’s elementary school graduation pic.

People said he looked like a good student and nice kid.

Then he showed everybody these pics on Korean TV.

Me loving the cute baby pics! A big birthday party? I wonder how old he was then. There are rumors that he came from a rich family. But he wasn’t the kind of rich spoiled kid I used to know. Instead, he’s so well-mannered and nice to everybody as I can see and there’s been good comments from his school friends and a cousin reported everywhere.

Then I saw this pic he showed to Taiwan reporters (Apple Daily). The following was scanned from a Taiwan magazine.

He said it’s taken when he went fishing with his papa the first time. I just burst out laughing seeing his leggings (Remember his outfit on Mid-Autumn Festival at Taipei airport?) And his face and V-sign are proofs to my suspicion that he’s a naughty boy when he’s little. His mommy actually said that in WGM too. 😉

In case you haven’t seen these Yong-yong pics dug up by Korean fans.

(All pics from DC JYH besides the one with the blog logo)

BTW, good genes have passed to him from his papa and mama, at least in terms of looks. Agree?

3 thoughts on “When Yong-yong was Yong-yong

  1. eventho ive been looking this pics a gazillion times, i still smiling and lol-ing at some pics of Yong-yong! seeing how adorable he is when he was little its very hard not to love him!! the good genes definitely being passed from his parents to him and not to mentioned the skill of humors as well!
    kya~ thanks for sharing this pics of yong-yong! and his legging in the last pic.lmao!!
    cant wait for february 23rd!

  2. his good looks definitely from mummy ^^ …such a pretty mum … and lol.. when i saw that TW magazine pic .. i was like this kid looks like a smart alec with a lot of mischief up his sleeves .. keke …

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