Who cares ‘RE-MAINTENANCE’ isn’t in the Oxford Dictionary?

I’m so excited: my copy of RE-MAINTENANCE  has arrived!

First, I took a picture of it before opening the package.

Then I played it loud on my Hi-Fi and let CNBLUE music flood my place. 🙂

I just like everything about the 3rd Single. The package design itself (its looking like a newspaper arriving on my doorstep with eye-catching headlines), the photos of the boys, and of course the music! Just not the same songs, not the same sounds!

You heard me said this before? I like their Japanese albums and singles more than the Korean ones. Even the packaging looks more innovative and appealing to me. And the album titles sound so philosophical.

Now Or Never – It’s the time to show the world awesome music, or the world will never know.

Voice – They want to be heard.

The Way – They’re on the way heading to the top of the world.

I don’t know why – I don’t know why I admire them so much too!

RE-MAINTENANCE – The word isn’t even in the dictionary. I gotta interpret the meaning myself!

(Edit: Henna pointed out I forgot ThankU. But the name is so straight forward. Got nothing to say. But it’s great that they always remember us the fans.)

re- means ‘…once more; afresh; anew…’ while maintenance means ‘the process of preserving a condition or situation’. I think the title track ‘Try Again, Smile Again’ tells it all. Or you still don’t get it? I’m very tired of people criticizing Yonghwa’s English lyrics. I’m just glad that my English is good enough to appreciate his effort to relate to people who listen to his music but not too good to find his not-that-excellent English irritating and thus can’t enjoy the good music itself. The boys are singing what is in their souls. If you don’t feel their pure love and passion for music listening to them, I can just say you don’t have the antenna to catch their frequency and I can’t care less convincing you to like them.

Knowing a little bit more about them helps ‘feeling’ the lyrics written by Yonghwa, I guess. These words impressed me most.

Don’t lose my first intention – Yonghwa said they won’t forget their first intention in the MMA winning speech.

bling blings – Yonghwa’s favorite colors are gold and silver, bling bling. A boy saying bling bling is so cute in itself. 😉

I Just love to try all night – Jonghyun said Yonghwa doesn’t sleep, he writes music late in the nights.

I’ll never cry forever – I remember seeing Minhyuk cry and can imagine the other boys’ tears shed or held back so hard!

And the melody and rhythm is so refreshing. L.O.V.E.

The 3 songs have such different moods. ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ is so sad but beautiful. Have never expected Yonghwa writing and singing a song like this. ‘kimio’ reminds me of those ending credit songs of Japanese dramas, the ones with happy young guys running around, chasing … dreams! I like that their music has a great variety. CNBLUE music is just very colorful.

I never believe that one needs to explain the whys of loving something or someone. I know I’m contradicting myself as I’ve been explaining myself in the last 400 words or so. Enough is enough.

I can imagine somebody saying: cut the crap and share some scans already. So here comes the pics. And I’m luring you to buy yourself a copy. Noting feels better than having the feeling that you own a tiny piece of the boys!

I think I’m being random again. People express various views (technically arguing with each other) about CNBLUE on the Net and add all sorts of adjectives to the word ‘fan’: big, enthusiastic, crazy, ordinary, obsessive, true, real, hardcore, die-hard, ultimate … I’ve used one or two describing certain people and seen myself being described by others. But in the end of the day, I just like to shout to the world: I like CNBLUE, especially Yonghwa, lots! And it feels great when I know there are others out there who feel the same.

When I said I don’t care about site stats, I didn’t mean I don’t care when nobody reads me! I meant I don’t care to attract readers by all means. I’m curious if I’m read at all.

5 thoughts on “Who cares ‘RE-MAINTENANCE’ isn’t in the Oxford Dictionary?

  1. about English …keke .. Yong2 ‘s lyrics has become his style .. isn’t it good? .. m not a word person so i pay more attention on his music .. I like the packaging too … but this album is not the best imo (it happens) … my opinion after listening : 1) chinese pop 2) european pop 3) jpop >.< … i personally like "Smile again, try again" … cos i can feel their passion for their music …

  2. Agreed with everything that you have just stated….I LOVE CN BLUE AND I LOVE YONG HWA….end of story. For me this is my favorite Japanese album. I love Don’t Say Goodbye. It just touched something very personal for me. I teared up when I heard that song and brought back memories of my late boyfriend.

  3. agreed with everthing that u wrote..
    and same with u,
    i more love they japan album than Korean album.. hhee…
    my favorite in this album is try again n smile again..
    it really persuade me to never give up..
    try again and then smile again..

    yoong, you so talented guys..
    i really fall with this guys..

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