Loving CNBLUE for 365 days

I’m a quiet person in real life but I have no idea why I’m so noisy in this CNBLUE fandom.

And saying something more here on this special day isn’t such a noisy thing, I guess, with the few visitors who care to read my ramblings which are so raw and may sound arrogant and rude too.

Exactly 365 days ago, I camped everywhere to look for pics and all sorts of tidbits about the CNBLUE showcase. I literally raced with dear chiara to post news pics to the Yonghwa thread (I didn’t post so often in the CNBLUE thread then.). And we apologized to each other for we post at the same time repeating things and then gotta edit our posts. But it was so much fun! And saturn. translated everything she heard and read, posted loads of news videos too. I could feel my heart beat! … I practically got very tired absorbing everything after those few hours.

For good memories, I dug out some pics. I shared the scans before but today I actually cropped the pics again to make them PERFECT.

Our Yonghwa’s charm as a band leader and musician oozed out every minute at the venue that day. And it’s the first time I ‘met’ (seeing comparatively closely) his bandmates and fell for all of them instantly too.

Their debut stage on Music Bank the next day was a success too. And they’re interviewed by Trendy after their performance. I just love this set of interview pics to pieces. Don’t you find their smiles filled with satisfaction? They were the happiest 4 boys on Earth that day.

Since then, it’s like I’ve been watching a very long movie (musical?). The director kept dragging the characters through various tests, for me to see what they’re made of. But the drama became too heavy! Plagiarism scandal, being called a faked band (by senior in the field and many others), Yonghwa’s vocal nodules, Yonghwa’s collapse after variety filming… I watched with a heavy heart but smiled and felt happy when I saw them overcome each and every obstacle. The story has now come to a very happy part: they got the awards they’ve been aiming at and have won hearts of tens of thousands (not millions yet?).

They keep saying they wanna do music until they become a grandpa band. I just find that very lovely. I can’t promise loving them till then but at this very moment, I’m still very fond of this movie and don’t want it to come to any end yet.

Happy CNBLUE 1st Anniversary!

7 thoughts on “Loving CNBLUE for 365 days

  1. Klaritia, I may be just one person but am one who really really loves to read your posts. And in this one, you hit the spot with your movie analogy. I sense that this is just the beginning for these boys and they have a bright, bright future ahead because they have serious musical talent! They do not need to bank on looks which will fade (though looks they have plenty) or dancing skills (can you imagine anyone dancing at 40 apart from Madonna?).

    By the way, those scans are so clear! Side note: I do miss Jong Hyun’s long, wavy hair. It made him stand out from the rest and gave him this mysterious aura. *not happy with stylist*

    Like you, we never know how long this ardent fandom will last but I sure plan to enjoy our current moment of CN Blue bliss!

  2. i lol-ed at you racing to post newpics with chiara … well definitely loved the 4 musicians for more the 365 days right … ^^ … will continue to do so though may not keep stalking them … keke … just support their albums … HAPPY 1 st ANNIVERSARY !!

  3. Thank you. Like you, this band is my first time in the world of fandom. And for it to be a foreign non-English artist at that is just such a surprise even to me. I mean I love music but never thought that I would go crazy looking for anything and everything about some foreign artists is just so not me. This boys just caught my attention and it seems that it is not ending anytime soon and so I have resigned myself to just enjoy every moment I can with these amazing artists. I’m just glad I’m not alone and that there are people like me who is still baffled as to why it had to happen with these boys. Why get hooked on something so not in line with me and my personality. I haven’t found the answer yet but I’m really not in a hurry to look for it. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you for their beautiful showcase pictures. I’ve fallen love with them after BLUE LOVE came out so I don’t have many previous pictures. I wish I’d known them very much earlier.

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