2011.01.23 Gag Concert 1080 TS Yonghwa cut

source: mamori @ DC JYH Gallery

Download from this Mediafire folder

I hope he had a good laugh in the show among the audience, though I don’t understand the charm of such variety shows when stars are mocked/teased on stage. Cultural difference?

He’s made to do the ‘love love love’ gesture just to be teased about that particular accessory … again.
Edit: My bad. Sorry. Just watched Chin-subbed video. He wasn’t teased about the ring. The ahjussi says he should have his hand hiding his face doing the gesture. That way, he can be successful. XD

He didn’t even say a word. Anyway, he handled the embarrassing moment with cute smiles. Can they think of more interesting thing about him to be made fun of? Say his snaggle teeth or even his mannerisms (fixing his bangs, sitting like a girl rather than a guy…)? Sorry, Yongyong, don’t hate me for pointing these out. šŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “2011.01.23 Gag Concert 1080 TS Yonghwa cut

  1. heheh.. i don’t understand a thing too. but gag con is one of fav shows ever.
    i can laugh though i didnt understand a word. (weird,much?)
    and it’s kinda like a ‘custom’.. you go to the gag con when you know you’ll be teased.
    hehe.. i wish yong at least opened his mouth and said something though..
    he was there to show his pretty face.. (and I’M NOT complaining!) heheheh

  2. thank you for sharing this~
    i thought it was funny actually^^

    question: if i wanted to share this in a cnblue community, may i link directly to your MF folder? or would you prefer if i re-upload them elsewhere? thanks

    • Feel free to share the MF folder with anybody who loves Yonghwa and CNBLUE. Appreciate your crediting me, however. =)
      I only like Yonghwa’s total cuteness in this. Dun find that ahjussi funny at all.

  3. Hi,

    I know my comment for this post is wayyy too late, but here it goes anway *wink*

    I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking his bang fixing and legs crossed sitting style are girly. Lol. I wonder why he even does those. Well, fixing hair is acceptable for guys since I’ve seen a lot of Korean artists do that. But sitting with your legs crossed? Hm. I don’t see masculine guys do that often, even in Korean. Like Heechul from Super Junior, king of girly actions/expressions.

    That’s why I go heads over heels whenever I see LeeShin in HT. No legs crossing whatsoever. LOL.

    Thanks for your insight.



    • “Never too late” … (A CNBLUE song ^^)
      His girlish mannerisms only show when he’s nervous. He’s so much more confident lately; he sits with his legs spread now. :p

      • That’s a very nice image to begin my day, Yonghwa sitting with his legs spread *fangirl screaming*
        Thing is, I don’t see him sitting “comfortably” anywhere else other than in HT. For example, in the last episode of NAN (which is, quite recent), the guy either sat with his legs crossed or kept them legs to each other. Hm. Sometimes I got a little too excited (or perverted to be exact) thinking it might be due to the fact that our Yonghwa wasn’t confident about his *cough*manlihood*cough*. We all know how self-conscious we could be when it comes to certain things. LOL.
        Speaking of shows, I miss seeing him in variety shows, though it doesn’t do much justice for his humor for some reasons. *sigh*
        Please excuse my ridiculous ranting.

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