2011.01.23 Inkigayo 1080 TS Yonghwa MC Cut

Edit: My mediafire account was suspended in 2013 Jan due to strikes caused by the SBS and MBC videos. Orz … Re-uploaded this to pan.baidu as requested.



Source: DC JYH Gallery

Mediafire folder by me
pan.baidu download

As the cloud service is in Chinese, you may need to check out the tutorial. Click to view.

5 thoughts on “2011.01.23 Inkigayo 1080 TS Yonghwa MC Cut

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  2. HAHAHA~ the long story goes this way:

    Part 1: Last month, I ordered 3 mags from JP cnblue store since my friend was going to Tokyo to visit her cousin. I filled up the order form online, actually every single blank and of coz the delivery date, which was 16th Dec, since my friend told me that she would be at home for whole day. So we all expected that the delivery guy would show up! but nope! And since there is no phone numbers online, I could only email them, and no reply (maybe bcoz its in Eng = =)….

    Part 2: so I gave up and placed an order from Hongkong (skymusic.com.hk)

    Part 3: My friend called and said her cousin received my magazines finally… it was 21st Jan………. aiyo… well, it’s partly my fault coz I forgot to update her that I’ve already ordered from somewhere else… but…still… how can they delay for more than 1 month…

    P.S for skymusic.com.hk, since you are in Hongkong, you can go down to make your deposit and collect when goods are ready!! for me, again, my friend is doing the favor for me.. XDD

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