I can retire?

A couple of months ago, I picture-spammed the CNBLUE thread as usual and joked that I felt like going for hibernation for I feared that people would be tired of my posts. I didn’t mean what I said. I just felt kinda embarrassed editing and posting all day, like I didn’t have a life other than posting CNBLUE stuff there.

I feel so ancient as a member of that forum. My registration date was EARLIER than the date shown in my profile. That date was the BIG CRASH date. Old members will know what I’m talking about. Long story but not important anymore. Anyways, I’d been on a long hiatus before the YAB and associated CNBLUE fandom. My getting crazy over Yonghwa and then CNBLUE had me posting like a total nut all over again. In my experiences with K-drama and K-pop fandoms before, I had the feelings that fans didn’t just share goodies in the forum but PROMOTED the show/star they liked to people wandering around. That’s why there were rules about no ‘bumping of threads’ by just convoing or writing not-that-informative posts. (These rules still exist.) It was a good feeling that the thread you were active in remained on the first couple of pages of the sub-forum every day. It meant your favorite artist/show was POPULAR.

Maybe I had been away for too long and the world has changed. Fans now share stuff in various (and more efficient) ways… Why do I still care if pics and videos or fan accounts are posted in the thread? Everybody’s seen them already. (Just me not knowing, coz I don’t follow enough people on twitter?)

I’m very PUZZLED if I should care when the thread seems ridiculously quiet when they are BUSY touring or doing all sorts of exciting things, and the posts aren’t very ‘balanced’ at times because of whatever reasons (You figure that out; I don’t want to be too explicit). I even lurk to other music groups’ threads to solve my puzzle. Maybe I just shouldn’t compare. Groups and associated fans are DIFFERENT people and different people have different behavior.

So please tell me that the English-speaking boices around are very informed about what’s going on with CNBLUE and I can forget about the condition in that thread. And please tweet me info about the boys. I’m sorry if I ain’t that social on twitter; I don’t even know who to follow. I thought I was sharing stuff but maybe everybody had those already.

Please don’t misunderstand that I particularly love that forum and want to SELL it to you. I don’t have any emotional attachment to it at all besides I knew dear chiara from there. I just thought it’s a big melting-spot for English-speaking fans around. I’m wrong?

What’s my point here? I don’t know myself. Sorry for talking crap.

7 thoughts on “I can retire?

  1. I can relate to you dear. Imho, until now, cnblue soompi thread is the most resourceful place for information about CNBLUE. Really about CNBLUE, not about some news promoting so called variety shows. I know that people love to discuss about our boys on their blogs, twitter, or tumblr, but still lots of the info to spazz about come from soompi. and if they’re not, I really hope they will post them on soompi too. That’s what we’re lacking of these days. That’s why despite having troubles accessing soompi due to busy schedule or lousy internet connection, I try to post something there once in a while.

    But then again, true BOICEs are not many too. I see and hear how people attend their event just because of the love to that make-believe-couple. I’m fine with that, but I still feel bad. I can’t lie to myself how I feel sad that people love Love Light because it’s dedicated to certain person. After knowing it, does it make different sound from the first time you heard it? No, right? It’s still an awesome song to me and I can proudly tell the world how talented YongHwa is. If I were YongHwa, then I went to this place with my cnblue members to do a CNBLUE showcase, but all I can see mostly is banners about me and my fake wife, how do I feel? BAD. I will ask myself: Do they know all my music? Do they even love CNBLUE?

    But after sometime, I said to myself, I don’t care about those anymore. My only wish is that they will stay together. Four of them, as CNBLUE, performing music live happily. With true Boices cheering and turn on their CNBLUE lighstick.

    I do hope, by their hardworking many years ahead, they will gain more true fans. And we don’t have to worry about asking ourselves “can I retire?” Believe me, that question has popped up in my mind thousand times. But the answer is still no. At least not now. There have been many times I stepped back for a while, but then I came back. I wish your answer is the same as mine right now coz I’ll be very lonely if yours isn’t.

    So you can step back, enjoy your time. please do comeback.

    • to add to your post on “mostly is banners about me and my fake wife” … if i m Yonghwa, this is what i will think “even if my members don’t say anything cos they are too kind … i will feel apologetic towards my members cos this is CNBlue (4 members forever) concert … ” i really dont wish them to be overrated cos of other linkage … hope they are known for their music …

      • Agree with the both of you – I think that WGM is a double-edged sword. It brings CNBLUE more exposure (love that they show the boys jamming in their studio early on and them composing their own music) but at the expense of taking away the focus from their music during their performances. (Did not appreciate the panning to the fake wife during CNBLUE’s performance at SMA – the attention should be on the boys). I am personally not a fan of the show as it only manifests wrong expectations of a real relationship. It has served its purpose of bringing them more publicity and am waiting for it to end so that the spotlight returns to the boys.

  2. helo , knock knock … your heart still can let me in??? you are scaring me?? u girls know i m not good in words … no beautiful words from me … if you are tired, take a break … but do come back ok … many times i still access soompi to get more info and that’s where i will go now and later if i dont follow twitter anymore (i m trying to cut down on twitter cos it’s not healthy) … i saw the change in people who updates in soompi… so normally i just read posts from few people (aka you girls and saturn and some BOICEs I know) …i said i wanna spam soompi but i m not so resourceful …
    almost drop tears from chiara’s reply … u know i definitely agree with that …
    Sometimes I do feel I may not be a true BOICE? cos I dont always agree with what they are doing … I may also be comparing too much with my previous band which they have so much in common especially their passion for band music … CNBLUE’s passion for music and the promise that they will be grandpa band attracted me and that’s why my resiliance to all those unnecessary variety shows … they should be going to music variety shows like “sketch book”, “music travel”, “chocolate”, but what happened the previous time and they missed the chance to go sketch book … i dont want to talk about it … i always say shows can end but great music last for decades … i m still listening to song from 1980s & 1990s … i would still want listen to CNBLUE music 20 years later, be it their composition in 2010 or 2020 … so long as they are from them … am i going off track .. oops too long ..

  3. hi klaritia, your post sound a little sad? *hugs*

    i haven’t been on soompi for ages, if you saw me login in a while back, that wasn’t me but a friend of mine, using my account. i really don’t know what’s going on, but if memory serves me right, the thread has always been flooded with news more than just cnblue/ inidividual members, i think you know what i mean.

    like chiara said, soompi is the best place to get info and such, but more often than not, the pace is just too fast to upkeep, and with so many unrelated post floating around, i just find it tedious to look around. i’m not sure why everyone is just crazy bout the fake couple. i’m happy that it boosted his popularity, but i’m sure that he would have been popular even without it.

    i’m happy enough if cnblue continues doing what they like, enjoying what they do, and gain recognition for the awesome things they have done and contributed. i just don’t want they to be known because of some fake reality show and as someone’s husband, and music and talents all got forgotten.

    i am not a true boice, because i just can’t keep myself updated with everything that’s going on. they move too fast, i’m too slow. lol. all i want for them is to be happy and healthy, and be a grandpa band šŸ™‚

    thanks for all the updates you have provided through twitter, have been a great help in keeping myself updated whenever i can!

  4. klaritia, i saw your post on twitter (yes, I stalk you there too… :P) just before I went to bed last night and I promised myself that I had to comment first thing in the morning. As a selfish fan of your posts (in every channel: soompi, your blog, and recently twitter), my answer to the question in this title is a resounding “NO!!!” but of course, I am in no position to even have an opinion. You, and many, many more have sacrificed your time and money (and blood and sweat!) to keep us hungry recipients well-fed with English-translations and pictures of anything related to the boys.

    I’m new to twitter and tumblr etc so it is all still a cob-web of information which is why I always find myself logging back into soompi. I remember back-logging CNBLUE’s thread when I first realized what an awesome and promising band they are, and falling deeper into the fandom as I read interviews on their music passion (especially one that you’d personally translated, klaritia), watched their street/live performances, learnt about their journey… To the English-speakers like myself, soompi is really an amazing site to find information and a great place to spread the love.

    So klaritia, if you feel a need to take a break (be it short-term or permanent), know that I am and will always be grateful for what you’ve done for us!

  5. me, feel the same way too
    i love the boys, love fancams, love their perfs. i can watch their perf for hours, do nothing but replay and replay
    but i’m in senior year so i can not online too much and i’m going to offline to focus on studying T_T
    thank you for your blog and your tweets that help me updating cnblue’s informations
    thank you *big hug*

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