Translation – CNBLUE TW Interview (2)

There’s part 2 of that TW interview I subbed couple of days ago!

Video credit: CTTV Taiwan

Mediafire DL

Can’t afford to sub it today and too busy for that in the coming days… so some quick translation ^^ My Lunar New Year present for you!

Q: In what ways do you expect your music to affect fans?
JH: We hope fans can understand and enjoy the messages we want to express throught our music.

Q: Which Korean or overseas singers and bands are your favorites?
JH: Yonghwa hyung and I like Bon Jovi a lot. Minhyuk likes Maroon 5. Jungshin likes Mr. Big very much.

Q: Your favorite song from them?
JH: I heard CNBLUE just released a new album. There’s ‘LOVE’. Sorry, just my lame joke.
You’d better answer this. Sorry.
YH: Alright. I apologize to everybody on behalf of Jonghyun. The songs we like … our favorites are quite different. Maybe we tell you one by one. Starting with MInhyuk.
MH: My favorite songs recently are by a group named Owl City. They sound very refreshing and their style is very unique, sometimes dreamy; sometimes sunshine-bright. So I like their songs a lot.
YH: For me. My favorites … are those that can give fresh impact on me on first listen, like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”. It’s my favorite. Lately, I don’t care much about music styles. I just listen to all kinds of music out there, that way, I learn something too.
JH: Though there are many songs of bands I like, my favorite these days are from One OK Rock, a very cool band from Japan. I particularly like “Totally Feel Like A Dreamer”.
JS: My recent favorite is Maroon 5’s “Misery”. I really like it. So …
JH: (To YH) Misery?
YH: Yes, it is.
JH: (To JS) Shouldn’t it be ‘Mistery’?

Q: What’s the different in terms of personality for Jung Yonghwa’s character in YAB and the real Jung Yonghwa?
JH: In private, Yonghwa hyung has a bright personality. A very naughty person too. But after doing YAB, his character has become more similar to Kang Shinwoo’s. He’s more mature and calm (steady) now.

Q: Did Jung Yonghwa have lots of NGs filming the drama?
YH: In the beginning, NGs were rare. The script was given to us well before hand. I had much time to remember my lines before I went for the filming. But later … there were times the filming and airing being on the same day. The scenes were to be aired the same day … cases like that. So … I hadn’t memorized my lines at all and thus there were NGs. But I had worked really hard not to have NGs.

Q: The most unforgettable NG experience?
YH: It was a very cold winter day. There’s this scene when I was walking in the rain. I was supposed to walk ‘handsomely’ in the rain. There were so many NGs. So rain kept pouring over me many times that day. This is the NG that totally broke my heart.

Q: Debuting with the drama YAB against being a singer, what’s the different in terms of challenge?
YH: First, I think both are art. But as a singer, I think I’m born for that and I’ll work hard on it till the very end. As for acting, I hope to learn very hard as actor Jung Yonghwa and can climb to the top, to become real Actor Jung Yonghwa.

Q: What kind of role would you like to try in your next drama project?
YH: There are really many roles that I want to try. But I’d like to take one step at a time. Say Kang Shinwoo is a heart-warming and kind-hearted character, I therefore want to try a bad guy role. A guy full of charisma.

Q: If something like YAB happened in CNBLUE, who would be the one who’s a girl dressed as a guy?
YH: Seriously, when we’re asked this question, we always say it’s Jungshin. Because Jungshin is a ‘pretty’ boy. Actually, the four of us, in terms of personalities … we’re the quiet kind … really very quiet. Though we like to fool around and make fun of each other in private, none of us has character like a girl. I’d like to say we’re the kind of guys which are quite manly or masculine.

Q: Your impression on Taiwan Boices?
YH: Whenever we go here in Taiwan, we see Boices. They’re so enthusiastic welcoming us. We feel very happy. Especially when we realize so many people in Taiwan like us, we’re just really happy.

Q: Words you like to tell Taiwan Boices?
JS: It’s CNBLUE’s first time visiting Taiwan, we see a lot of Taiwan Boices. Seriously, this isn’t Korea! I see you in Taiwan; we’re very happy. We’ll have a fan sign event tonight and a fan meeting tomorrow. We’ll so looking forward to them. I can’t wait.
JH: Right. Hi, I’m Jonghyun. I’m (guitarist) guitar freak Jonghyun. First, like the meaning of Boice, merging everyone of you and us as one, we hope to be able to make even better music in the future. I can’t wait for all sorts of activities in Taiwan. And we’ll work hard to be the CNBLUE that can visit Taiwan often. Thank you.
YH: Hi, I’m (vocalist) singing freak Jung Yonghwa. I’m also very thankful to Taiwan Boices. We just left messages on the homepage of Plurk. Then we saw your replies popping up immediately. I can feel that you really love us a lot. We’ll work very hard to be the CNBLUE that can visit Taiwan often, to chat with you, to hold concerts and to hold fan sign events. We’ll definitely work hard on that. Taiwan Boices, thank you!
MH: Hi, I’m (drummer) drum freak Minhyuk. When we arrived at Taiwan, we saw you welcoming us so enthusiastically. I think we’ll enjoy our days in Taiwan happily before we go back. I hope Boice and CNBLUE can become one, to have a lot of awesome concerts and future plans. Boices, thank you. I love Boice. Thank you.
YH: That’s all from us. We’re CNBLUE.

(Thanks to saturn for additional info about guitar freak, singing freak, drum freak … ^^)

8 thoughts on “Translation – CNBLUE TW Interview (2)

  1. Thanks, your translation is perfect.
    After Jonghyun called himself a guitar freak, Yonghwa called a singing freak, then Minkyuk a drum freak, which made all LOL.
    Actually ‘~Jaeng-yi’ is for an old man who has worked for something for his whole life.
    Jonghyun is too young to use this word.

  2. Hi klaritia, thank you for the translation
    was wondering the song JS mentioned is indeed “Misery” from Maroon 5, he’s right i guess.

    Here would like to wish u a prosperous Chinese New Year.

  3. Wow,i love Min Hyuk’s taste in music! Owl City’s songs are very refreshing indeed.
    good to know that they’ll enjoying the music that i enjoyed too.
    i still remember when Yonghwa said in an interview that he used to listen to N’sync songs when he’s in high school, then i thought to myself, wow, can’t believe he love it too.
    took me awhile to realised that we are at the same wonder that he used to listen to that kind of songs too.(those time when BSB,N’sync,Westlife became the popular band)
    he’s been achieving so much that i forget he’s only 22.

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