2011.02.08 tvN eNews Behind Star Jung Yonghwa

This is Yonghwa’s 16 min+ interview. Of course I’m uploading for fans who can’t download from torrent.

Source: [GBS HD] @ DC Gallery JYH

Mediafire folder by me

The interview seemed so focused on that variety show when news came out hours before the broadcast. It turns out the news is kinda misleading. saturn. kindly provided translation on soompi CNBLUE thread. Read in case you haven’t.

I was surprised reading the translated news yesterday. I’m so relieved that his answers to questions related to the show are witty but sincere at the same time. It’s weird that photoshopped pics of the couple were shown when he’s asked questions about the show. I was wondering maybe the tvN people didn’t know those are ‘fanarts’. Will those fans be encouraged to make more of this kind seeing their masterpieces on TV? Honestly, this thought disturbs me a lot. I mean they’ve filmed this for a whole year and the fans can’t have enough of them as a couple and take pains to photoshop them together (I was totally shocked seeing another girl’s head replaced with his virtual wife’s in some pics.) … I don’t mean to attack fans of that show. I just hope most viewers are enjoying the show with some sense and not taking things to unrealistic level.

But actually the interview is MORE than that, there’s everything from pre-YAB days to CNBLUE, his career aspirations … and even his gestures and smiles on stage. So up to now, there isn’t a single Yonghwa interview I don’t like yet.

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