Inkigayo Magazine TW ver Vol.1 – CNBLUE scans

I’m so happy that the publisher of Taiwan K-pop magazine Trendy has bought the rights to release the Chinese international version of Inkigayo Magazine. I think you know the Japanese version was out some months ago. Actually vol.4 of the Japanese version is the same as this one (Kara on cover).

It was released in late January in Taiwan but it is here almost 3 weeks late. It’s not sold in the convenient stores as in the case of Trendy. I looked up the HK distributor’s phone number and asked them where I can buy it. Since Yonghwa is one of the Inkigayo MCs, his pics are there in every issue. And there’s this Seoul Tokyo Music Festival special and thus some nice CNBLUE pics too. Though it’s the pics that I’m after, it feels good that I can understand the words, even they aren’t that plenty. Totally looking forward to coming releases … I hope there will be LOTS of CNBLUE as their comeback stage is NEAR.

Sharing the pics and translation of some captions. 🙂

The first pic must have been taken more than a year ago. It’s very small so the scan is awful. But I haven’t seen it before. It’s from a section titled ‘Rookie vs. Rookie’ and CNBLUE is the first group mentioned, together with ZE:A, F.CUZ, SISTAR, INFINITE and MISS A.

Next was cropped from a big group pic on stage.

Below a press conference pic. Caption: CNBLUE had bright and happy faces, announcing their coming plans and said, “We’ll work very hard. Please give us lots of support.”

Translation of text of the following full page scan:

CNBLUE’s absolutely beautiful sounds, each and every member of the audience charmed

1. Checking out CNBLUE in the waiting room! In order to have awesome stage performance, Minhyuk was listening to their own songs.

2. Make-up is done. “I’m ready!”

3. With tender smiles and sensational voices, in addition to their great instrument skills, CNBLUE melted the hearts of fans, Korean and Japanese. Once on stage, the mood climbed to a very high point! “Waytoria… Waytoria…” fans sang along in Korean, expressing their love towards CNBLUE!

4. As they’ve been active in Japan before, CNBLUE’s expressions on stage were comparatively natural and more at ease. But maybe Yonghwa hadn’t performed for some time, he was a little nervous. He couldn’t remember the Japanese lines he had prepared to say and gotta peek on the words he’s written on his palm. Fans pitied him but found him funny too, so they just shouted to him that he’s cute. Cheering from the fans was non-stop!

Another full-page scan.

1. Sharp eye expression and handsome chin line, that’s the untouchable Jungshin. Viewers got ‘drunk’ immersed in his perfect performance!

2. Jonghyun, with his tender loving voice and gazes, has captured the hearts of countless female fans. He inattentively made a smile but the camera zoomed on his face and fans just screamed out loud!

3. Though he’s like a quiet and warm person, he transformed into the drummer who’s like a storm! The series of shots that capture the mult-faceted Minhyuk–A calm and steady person, he had prepared his Japanese speech so well. His talk was very fluent!

4. That day on stage, they ‘flowed’ around with a happy mood. Even the pictures show it all! See the happy Yonghwa and Jonghyun playing the guitar together!

Then Yonghwa MC pics!!!

Zipped folder

2 thoughts on “Inkigayo Magazine TW ver Vol.1 – CNBLUE scans

  1. thankU so much for this!!!
    i know u wont be able to see my tweet (locked) so i came here n send u thousands thanks for all CNBLUE updates =)

    Wonder who’s ipod that MH use?Yong or JS?

    i noticed in the last pict,how tall is Seulong n Jinwoon?? O,O
    Yong2 is 180,but Sulli n Seulong made him look like 170+ >,<
    life as an artist is hard,from head to toe,from weight to height everything must be perfect *nods*

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