Happy Lantern Festival (celebrate with CNBLUE pics)

It’s just an excuse to post some pics… But the festival is romantic in a way. In case you don’t know. In ancient China, unmarried girls weren’t allow to go outside their homes, but they might be allowed to go out celebrate the festival each year. Many love stories begin with the girl meeting ‘her guy’ when they bump into each other admiring the lanterns and solving lantern riddles…

These pics are cropped from Taiwan magazine Trendy Special Vol.2. KCBlue shared the full page scans on soompi many days ago. But I just love scanning magazines I’ve bought. And I practically like spamming my own blog with the boys’ pics. Sorry that they aren’t anything exclusive/new.

You remember the white bear followed the boys home? I wonder if they still fight for her now. 🙂

Zipped folder

3 thoughts on “Happy Lantern Festival (celebrate with CNBLUE pics)

  1. happy chap goh mei!! ^^..
    kyaa..never knew the stories behind that! thanks for sharing!!
    awwww..the boys looks really adorable during this photoshoot of Trendy Mags!

  2. thanks ^^… i m greedy.. taking your scans still though i scanned .. cos mine is never 600 dps … my PC cant support that .. not enuf memory…

    • lol.. dont know why mediafire keep looping me about and give error message >.< … come back later then .. maybe cos i greedy.. keke

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