I will remember Feb 23?

The day has just begun for me and I have no idea if anything exciting will happen in the coming 15 hours. It was supposed to be a date that I can remember: the release day of CNBLUE’s first regular album. But due to whatever reasons, it’s postponed (without a date yet) and now I’m looking forward to the teaser release date: Feb 28. Does Jan 8 carry a special meaning to you? It was supposed to be CNBLUE’s debut date but it was postponed to Jan 14. Their agency didn’t explain as far as I can remember. Chiara said she could remember CNBLUE’s debut date for the rest of her life for Jan 8 is somebody’s birthday. And I remember what she said and when it was Jan 8, I remembered it was supposed to be CNBLUE’s debut day and it’s the birthday of somebody whom I don’t even know … I hope the agency won’t postpone album releases in the future anymore, or I’ll have even more random dates stuck in my mind.

Anyway, all this waiting hasn’t been that unbearable. It’s D-5. The boys are having a vacation. Yonghwa even tweeted 2 times already. And there are these fan accounts of totally-surprised-and-happy fans bumping into much-more-handsome-than-expected celebrities. If only Jungshin and Minhyuk use the elevators and walk on the streets too, the coming days will fly.

I can’t help guessing the title of the new album. Will ‘blue’ still be used? They should definitely use the boys’ own composition as the title track. The successes of their Japanese singles prove it: people just love the boys’ work. And they can forget about love songs. Something in the line of ‘Try Again, Smile Again’ can rock the stage too. Honestly, I’m tired of people speculating if Yonghwa dedicates a particular love song to anybody or whom he’s thinking when writing the melody or if the lyrics got special meaning. I don’t mean I don’t like his love songs. It’s just a pity that certain noise is preventing people from appreciating his music talents. Of course, we need Jungshin to show off his work too. Back to the album title. ‘Bluedream’ just popped up from nowhere. Do the boys think their dreams have come true? Getting so much love and gaining quite many awards after a whole year. I’ve said I like their Japanese album titles more. But this is the first regular album, the title has got to be epic. I actually thought of other words starting with ‘blue’, but they’re all very lame.

I’m reading SUPERFREAKONOMICS. The chapter on altruism makes me think of this fandom somehow. There’s this conclusion from a certain study: human beings seemed to be hardwired for altruism. Maybe that explains why fans share stuff. We’re hardwired to help each other: digging out the juicy fan accounts, translating news or information, scanning magazines we’ve bought (as ‘previews’ and for not all magazines could be bought easily for fans in certain countries), showing off photos and videos we take of the boys because not every fan gets to see the boys so close … I bet 99.99% of fans do the above ‘out of instinct’, not for money nor for fame. If I really have to name one thing that a fan gains doing any of these acts, it is HAPPINESS. So we boices will be very happy every day real soon! Can’t wait for the album release and their all sorts of public appearances. And I hope our pursuit of such happiness will just multiply each others’ happiness. (Reminding myself and others: don’t do stupid things to upset fellow fans.)

Talk about being random!

4 thoughts on “I will remember Feb 23?

  1. I have 3 reports to finish and a meeting to attend soon but I just can’t help to comment on this.

    First of all, Jan 8th! I can’t believe you still remember what I wrote in early 2010! It’s my beloved big sis birthday. She took care of me more than my mom, I guess, so yeah, I will remember that date forever especially when it should be the debut date of our beloved boys.

    Talking about what I think about their full album. Somehow I don’t want it to have the ‘BLUE’ word in the title but I guess it’s unavoidable? Okay then, how about BLUE-ism. I’m hoping it will include songs that each member participates to write, either lyrics or the melody. And I want people to get addicted to their songs, making it their must-play song everyday, hence resulting a new culture: Blueism kekeke.

    And wait, you finish the super freakonomics already? Aigooo.. I’m still in the prostitute chapter. Have test this Monday so I will continue later and definitely will relate some with our fandom.

    D-5 seems unbearable to me also. Gosh, I hope each member will console us these five days by tweeting to us EVERYDAY. Please please please, boys.. take turn to say hi to BOICE, will you?

  2. Honestly, I’m tired of people speculating if Yonghwa dedicates a particular love song to anybody or whom he’s thinking when writing the melody or if the lyrics got special meaning. >> exactly.

  3. D-5 is like D-50. Days just got longer and longer, but hopefully we will be given a pleasant surprise by the boys soon.

    As for integrating the word BLUE in their album names, I can’t agree more. It’s kinda lame and at the same time cheesy? And Blue Dream sounded a bit kinky to me? LOL.
    Perhaps because here in Malaysia BLUE can mean some thing perverted. Haha. Blue or not, I’m gonna love the album. And hoping to hear fresh new songs from all the members.

    As for the fans sharing infos and stuff, I totally agree with you too. BOICE is one of the most GIVING fandom I’ve ever encountered. And though I can’t be the source of those stuff, glad to know that there are people like you,Chiara and Saturn (and many others!) who never fails to make us BOICE fell more deeply in love with the boys.

    I would remember February 23rd, as much as I will remember 28th.
    And whatever date in March they will perform their comeback. 🙂

  4. thanks for the info.. i dont know that their debut was actually postponed .. i have never expect myself to be so deeply involved in this fandom .. but most BOICEs are just so friendly and generous ..

    I am thinking of “BLUE passion” or “BLUE inspiration” and yes i agree that they should not restrict to just sing love songs , songs about their inspiration/passion (which they are already into it) , also maybe song dedicated to….. STRAY PUPPIES/CATS … , cross border songs to love other unfortunate beings etc … something along the line .. something that is impactful… something that after 20 years, it’s still meaningful …


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