I had a Bag Hug Date with Yonghwa

But who hasn’t? The interactive site actually crashed last Friday! http://www.hazzysbaghug.com/

I subbed the interactive video.

Raw video shared by YY淌水啊 @ weibo
English subs by klaritia
based on Chinese subs by J.Lu @ onlycnblue.com

In case you want to keep a copy for watching on your computers. Download the raw video and srt file.

I uploaded all the Bag Hug goodies in this Mediafire Folder: CF, making film, background music mp3, wish reactions flvs, and videos for playing on phones.

If only all CF partners of CNBLUE make some interactive site like this … I may die of being too happy. Your wish too?

2 thoughts on “I had a Bag Hug Date with Yonghwa

  1. I feel envious. I have a hard time accessing the website cause of my server connection but how I wished I could do this even if it is virtual. Wanted to ask him to propose to me. LOL!!! Hazzy has made the delusional fans” of Yong Hwa, dreams come true. Thanks for the dl links.

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