2011 Mar EASY Magazine (No.604)

I found a bookshop here that sells China entertainment magazines. 🙂

The pics are the same as those from Japan magazine HCP Vol.62. And the article is short and got no new information actually. As I’m running out of things to say and post …

I scanned the pages and translated the text.

A pure color that belongs to you and me

March. CNBLUE will go back on stage in Korea with their first full album. They were just newbies last year and after a full year’s training, they will surely bring us even more awesome and unique performances. While preparing for the album, individual CNBLUE members are doing well in various solo activities.

Door to MC

A much better MC

When he was still so new to everything, Jung Yonghwa had some bad experience being an MC. He had absolutely no experience for that and showed his nervousness and awkwardness at the award ceremony as one of the MCs. Some people may be beaten by just one failure, but Jung Yonghwa believes that he should stand up from where he once fell. So when he doesn’t have schedule, he had MC training. Eventually, he had the chance to proof himself. He was invited to MC Inkigayo with Jo Kwon and Sulli. Doing this job again, we can see he’s so much more confident than before. Now, seeing Yonghwa not only on Inkigayo, but him talking comfortably in all sorts of award shows, his fans all feel touched and proud.

About Everyday Life

I’m the master of my life

Q: What did you dream to do when you’re little?

JYH: To be admitted to the fine art faculty or music faculty in college.

Q: If you could get back to a time in the past, when would you like to be?

JYH: Elementary school days. If I had worked harder studying music …

Q: When you feel down, what music do you listen to?

JYH: CNBLUE’s ‘One Time’.

Q: Name something you own that makes you feel proud.

JYH: My upgraded computer and gears for composing music.

Q: Is there one thing that you feel you must do every day?

JYH: Even though I may not be composing, I open the composing program on my computer.

Q: What’s the bad thing that you think always happen to you?

JYH: I need to go to the bathroom right before I have live performance.

Door to Drama

Another chance came after he missed one

Minhyuk once joked that all because of Yonghwa, he’s lost a lot of opportunities. He finally made his debut acting in the TV series It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter. To Minhyuk, he could be working in the filming set for real. He has dreamed about that so many times. Though he had been nervous, he had wanted to do a drama so much that he had the confidence to do it well. “Because it’s my first drama, I feel the great pressure. But at the same time, I enjoy the learning process a lot and it is a very happy experience.” Anyway, the fact that he’s a drummer in real life has helped his performance in It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter much; the scene when he played the drums is just so natural.

Door to Movie

Memories of youth days

Jonghyun and Minhyuk played in the omnibus movie Acoustic. Their story is the second one, Bakery Attack. For Jonghyun, his role in the movie reminds him about his days in Japan a lot. At that time, he always thought he was the most unfortunate person in the world. But as he became more mature, he realized there are many people doing music quietly but never have the chance to be known. Compared to those people, his past days seem so good actually. As he’s actually in a band, he had no problem playing a guitarist in the movie. He thus had some confidence meeting the movie challenge.

Door To Runway

Another sky

Fans have always admired Jungshin’s height and physique. His height ranks high even among all male celebrities. If you still can’t visualize that, check out the pic that Jia of Miss A posted on her twitter earlier (laughs). With his admirable height and physique, Jungshin was invited to catwalk for renown Korean designer, Song Hye-myung’s collection earlier. Without any previous experience, Jongshin was surprised that he was chosen. But the designer herself had so much confidence on him. “Jungshin as all the qualities that a fshsion model needs. Most importantly, the way he walks is just perfect. He needs no extra training at all.”
A bonus page about their comeback.

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  1. u got your source for china magazines ^^ … yeah … i can save my money to buy other magazines (actually it’s not that expensive)… kekeke …. thanks for sharing!

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