2011.03.13 Inkigayo 1080 TS MC Cut

Do you feel proud of Yonghwa? I do. He has improved so much. Did you notice that at the end of the show, he gave his mic to Taeyong but wasn’t able to get it back? Then he ‘grabbed’ the mic from Sulli and handle the situation so handsomely.

I know CA has uploaded the clip, but I just need to post it here to say goodbye to Sunny MC …

Source: DC JYH

Mediafire folder

One thought on “2011.03.13 Inkigayo 1080 TS MC Cut

  1. dang..i feel sooo proud of him!
    no matter what happen i’m gonna stand by him forever!
    *lol i sound like a creepy fan girl*
    yong yong totally going all out for his last inki!
    soo handsome wif suit!! thanks for sharing this!
    its worth every single byte in my PC space!!
    thank u a gazzillion for sharing this Klaritia!!

    I’m soo proud of you,Jung YongHwa!!!

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