I love ‘my’ First Step

My copy of CNBLUE’s First Step arrived!

Thanks to dear saturn who helped me order from a Korean site and it arrived via FedEx within 24 hours.

Though I’ve been looping the digital tracks since Monday downloading from Soribada and everywhere, playing the CD out loud is a different experience. I have to admit that I’m a fan of CNBLUE, not just an average music lover. So all tiny details of the physical album itself matters to me too: the color of everything, the photos inside, the fonts … paper texture. Describing how I love everything will be so useless, so I scan the pages for you to feel envious (in case you haven’t ordered your copy yet or are anxiously waiting for it to arrive.)
Download all images > MF

Many fans and I have waited so long for this first full album. Release date changed from October to January, then February and finally March! Many fans revealed their disappointment knowing that there are actually only 3 new songs in this: ‘Intuition’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Imagine’. The rest are just Korean versions of their earlier Japanese releases. I don’t know what the average Korean CNBLUE fan/music lover thinks but maybe most would love to have Korean versions of those great songs. Just as I prefer their English songs for I can understand the lyrics directly and relate to what they want to tell in their music in a better way.

I’m no music critic and though I read the music periodicals given out at the local music stores every month, I usually don’t like those articles which over-analyze the various components of an album. I can’t describe how I like a certain album and explaining how I like any CNBLUE releases is mission impossible to me. I think I’m totally biased and ‘like’ is just ‘like’, no explanation required. Still, I’m writing a blog post, so some words are needed.

‘Intuition’ gives me a totally different impression from that of the 2 teasers. It sounds so mainstream K-pop to me. I’d like a more rockish title track. But maybe their agency thinks that can help them get more attention from the majority of Korean music lovers. And I read from somewhere that one of the composers is actually the one who composed ‘I’m A Loner’. He’s using another name for this work. (This particular information totally hits me and I have no idea why FnC still use this musician’s work.) Anyway, it’s growing on me and I do love the concept of bad boys/rebellion in the MV.

‘Love Girl’ is just another Yonghwa song. CUTE. I love the original melody and lovely lyrics.

Somebody retweeted the CA translator saying she felt she’s just swallowed a huge lump of butter while translating the lyrics of ‘Imagine’. (I lost track of that tweet and so the words aren’t exactly hers.) Well, being cheesy is what love songs are all about. And knowing that most of them are Yonghwa’s words, I can only say the lyrics are SWEET. And Yonghwa’s  and Jonghyun’s voices just match so well in this (again).

Starting from tomorrow, I can see their performances on music shows every week. I love my life!

2 thoughts on “I love ‘my’ First Step

  1. lol… klaritia i hate u for making me jealous to the max … lol… really like the album .. all the photos are so LOVE .. they are really handsome and look so cool .. arent they perfect? *lame* …
    I was disappointed at first with the title for not being rock enough but i grew to like it now .. with it looping like 9432354 times … LOVE girl is definitely a happy tune to me … like the music arrangement too … some parts the bass sound is so nice ❤ .. cant imagine that imagine is such a lovely song ❤ .. dimples' vocal just married yong2's … arent they perfect for each other … *imagine*….
    CA translator younie …keke.. she is a total Yong2 bias .. but those words were just worth retweeting … keke

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