Love to see my blue stars shine!

My random blog titles have been attracting the WRONG readers. If you follow me on twitter, you might have heard some funny stories. But the title of this one really tells my heart.

I have just uploaded the Mnet First Step Special 450p version. But then I found it’s actually available everywhere. So maybe nobody needs my upload anymore. Anyway, it’s an excuse for me to say something here.

Thanks to DC JYH for the torrent link

Mediafire folder

When watching the show, I was trying not to open my mouth (*wink* to someone). Mnet is treating fans so well this time. This is L.O.V.E. documentary. If you still remember their previous street concerts, this guerrilla showcase concert is so glamorous. Don’t you think they literally shine on the stage? And I love how we can see the behind-the-scenes of their preparing for the concert and a little about the album recording. They worked hard and went to some humble restaurant for a late night meal. All these heart-warming scenes just make me want them to win something in this comeback. They really deserve even more recognition and respect as musicians with real talents. But I heard the Korean music scene is very political, I wish them all the luck they need.

By the way, I think they have become more confident after a whole year. They seem kind of light-hearted during the press conference and interviews of all sorts.

My blue stars SHINE!

One thought on “Love to see my blue stars shine!

  1. lols! we totally need u to upload this things Klaritia!
    thanks for always being such a fantastic Boice to depend on!
    and totally agree with you! they totally need to win something for this comeback! and they work really hard and it is definitely shown on the perf and of course their comeback showcase!
    its just too awesome to describe it! i want to spazz but dunno how to start!
    thanks again Klaritia!! ^^

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