Random thoughts …

My busy ‘real’ social life during weekends means I missed the weekend music shows, awesome fancams (a GOOD one got hidden I heard, *sobs*), haven’t collected a single fan-taken pics …

Thank God I have a flexible work schedule and have just spent some time watching the music show cuts and read the detailed radio shows translation by dear saturn.

WOW WOW WOW! They won all the No.1 this week! Me a PROUD and HAPPY fan!

But …

My heart ached seeing Yonghwa’s big dark circles around his used-to-be-bling-blinging eyes at Inkigayo. Actually all boys except Minhyuk had dark circles, just not that obvious? And I remember Jonghyun said in many interviews that Yonghwa doesn’t sleep much every day. And did you read my tweet translating the soundplex fan account yesterday? About how the dongsengs usually wait until Yonghwa comes back late from busy schedule before they go to bed. That touching but breaking your heart too?

I managed to watched the Music Bank ending cut but not the performance itself during the weekend and I saw Yonghwa carried by his dongsengs … The maknaes didn’t find that a ‘heavy’ job I bet. I’ve said this many times: I miss his chubby cheeks. Is he actually anorexic now? Didn’t he say he lost weight so that he can eat as much as he wants during the busy comeback schedule? I doubt if he’s eaten a lot lately. Too busy to eat? Chiara said I sounded like a concerned mommy worrying about him. Well, I have a loving family to care about but I can spare some love for my favorite star.

With certain unhappy experience as a ‘high profile’ fan watching CNBLUE, I thought of stepping back. But I ain’t sure if I can hide my enthusiasm at all. These boys are just too LOVELY for me to not talk about them.

Random post! Random comments welcome. Well, it depends, if you know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts …

  1. hello there! ive read this before n only decided to comment cuz i cant concentrate on my work anymore *bad bad boice!*
    sigh..if only i could watch all those VALUEABLE fancams!! sucks when they have to hide it from us who’d been dying to watch every single video of uri boys!

    the triple crown for last week is just DAEBAK! i’m sooo friggin happy n i actually jumped when they announced uri boys as the winner in Inki!

    but but but..poor yongyong!! just like u, im missing his chubby cheeks! look at him now..T_T sharp jawline! reading all those translation fan accounts makes me adore him more! knowing how hard he works just make sure CNBlue can be well accepted into the public totally made me cries in my heart!
    its just soo touching when he felt that he got lack of practices of guitar. i think that was the only thing he ever complained despite of his crazy schedules!
    no wonder all the boys are adoring him more now! Yonghwa is being well-loved by his dongsaengs! i’m just happy 2 hear that!

    Yonghwa i’m sooo proud to be one of ur fan!
    thanks for sharing ur taughts Klaritia! ^^, *hugs*

  2. Am super late to post my comments but I do agree with you, I hope he’s not anorexic! It pains me to see him swimming in his suits (so apparent during the Holika CF interview in that purple suit and during Happy Together 3). Our boy is disappearing! I want to just feed him each time I see him… Was so heartwarming to watch the mnet soundplex interviews, he is much loved by his dongsaengs. I just hope Jung Shin will sneak in some slabs of butter or something into the grape sugar he leaves out for our Yong. 😦

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