[Scans] 2011 Apr Fans (No.47)

These pics look familiar? You have collected tons of even better fan-taken photos? I feel the same but I don’t care. I’m obsessed. OCD? I have paid much more for Japanese magazines. I don’t have to blink buying these Taiwan magazines which can be bought in almost all convenient stores here. For those with them on cover, I usually buy two.

Download in one go > Mediafire

10 thoughts on “[Scans] 2011 Apr Fans (No.47)

  1. ahhhh..thanks for sharing this!
    same goes to Malaysia, normally if the local mags publish news featuring them, all the pics is like taken from the internet article but still i’m buying that since its uri boys!
    except Trendy’s mags! its from HongKong rite?? gosh…we are like 2-3 months behind the current release! so i have to wait that long to purchase Trendy! but its all worth it!
    thanks again for sharing!!! dloading it rite away~

  2. Hi Klaritia,this is totally random but, i believe u have’nt post anything on ur blog about Yong’s new drama. i’d read positive comments as well as negative one bout the drama and i really wanted to know what ur thought about this matter.LOL~

    • How can one have positive or negative comments when we know practically nothing about it yet? If you mean if it’s a good thing for Yonghwa doing this drama, I have little to say neither.
      I just know he’s an ambitious artist who wants to challenge himself in acting when he’s quite recognized as a musician already. So my best wishes to him.
      He’ll play a guitar freak (but a cool city guy) loved by all girls in the campus. The role is so tailor-made for him except the ‘cool’ part. I mean he’s so comfortable making new friends and all, not a ‘cold’ person.
      Can’t wait for it anyway.

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