I dreamed a dream

I mean I wanted to have such a dream.

I’m staring at this poster of the boys and suddenly the boys seem so alive.

And then I find myself in the room but they can’t see me. I have a great time watching Yonghwa hum a tune he’s working on … and Jonghyun casually put his leg on Yonghwa’s … I can even understand Korean and laugh at the jokes they tell each other …

After watching the ‘Love Girl’ MV last night, I think hard about the above for I wanted to have that dream. Maybe I was too tired, I didn’t even dream. I think many have been able to guess the story line of the MV when the teaser came out. It’s just as expected. Still, simple is beautiful. And it’s a happy MV for a happy song. Bet they had a happy time doing it too.

The acoustic version of ‘Love Girl’ is even cuter. I won’t say which one is better or which one I like more. I don’t mind their ‘recycling’ their works at all. They should just release each and very version of ‘Loner’ they have performed so far to make a special Loner album and I’m so willing to buy it. I heard people say the Korean versions of the other 3 songs sound better. But I still prefer English versions that I can understand. Could it be that they are constantly improving and so the Korean release of the songs sound better?

And yesterday, there’s a news article interviewing the Leader of the veteran Koren rock band, Baek Doo San (백두산  유현상) that appeared with them on Mnet Beatles Code last year. He praises the boys a lot and says he watches their performances often. He also hopes that CNBLUE can go out to the world and be recognized. I didn’t stream the MBC radio yesterday but heard Yoon Do Hyeon praised them and gave them much encouragement. I’m so happy that they’re so loved by seniors in the field. And this somehow makes me feel even prouder as a CNBLUE fan.

I have a dream; CNBLUE will stick together as a grandpa band and be loved as who they are by millions.

PS I just downloaded everything out there and haven’t watched much. Watching them is happy but so time-demanding!

3 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream

  1. What a beautiful post, klaritia. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams for the boys. Needless to say, we have the very same dreams. I hope that in the midst of their exploding popularity, the boys will take breathers and have time to seek sound advice from their seniors. Have a great day ahead!

  2. whoahh~ such a beautiful dreams uve got there!!
    how i wish i could have one too!
    just like u, i think their recycled art for Thank You album is ok n so so~
    i still prefer the japanese/english version more maybe because its kinda suit the melody, but if the koreans thinks it is better, i think it is good for them..
    the ajusshi band from Beatles Code were praising them? im soo left behind from the updates! how can i not know all these things..i guess all the members seeing themselves when they were younger everytime they saw CNBlue.

    Thus, i hope n pray for a better n successful career for these boys! thank you so much for sharing your thoughts~

  3. I second your dream Klaritia. Here’s wishing that the boys will have continued success in all that they do and be recognised for who they really are – talented and hardworking musicians.

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