Acoustic Movie related videos with Eng subs

Just because I’ve bought this Taiwan version Acoustic OST CD + DVD …

The following cost me many hours. Hope you enjoy watching them.

Special thanks to saturn for English lyrics. Added a little color effects to the MV. 🙂

In case you wanna keep copies of the above > Mediafire Folder

4 thoughts on “Acoustic Movie related videos with Eng subs

  1. Thank you very much to Klarita for your sharing ~!!! ^^
    and also thank you to Saturn for sub & effect in MV ~!!! ^^

    I hope this movie will sell in Thailand in very soon coz I have to see this movie in Korean Movie Festival in Thailand (at first I want to see Jonghyun & Minhyuk keke~!! ^^ .. but after see this movie .. I think all 3 episode are very interesting) I want to see again in theater and collect the DVD too (but until now this movie’s not coming in cinema T^T )

    sorry for my English ka ^^; (“ka” in Thai is use for girl’s politely language ^^ )

  2. Thank you dear. Taiwan version is soooo much better. Now I’m afraid what’s in store when they release the DVD? And I’m sooo happy they put our boys as cover, that means they’re the most popular in Taiwan out of all casts?

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