Week 3 MCD CNBLUE 1080 TS cuts

One of the local TV stations broadcast MCD in full HD. 🙂 I recorded the show obviously for CNBLUE. I think for this particular week, the 1080 versions available earlier are mpg ones. Maybe you have wanted to find ts versions. These files play perfect on my desktop PC with Mediaplayer Classic (but not other players) and my Macbook with VLC Player. The video codec is very CPU demanding, so don’t blame me for sharing lousy videos which lag or are audio-video unsynced.

To make you think twice before downloading, the files are password protected. Password hint: how do I usually call Yonghwa in my tweets?

Mediafire folder

PS Yonghwa looks freaking handsome in that trench coat. The encore is love. ❤

4 thoughts on “Week 3 MCD CNBLUE 1080 TS cuts

  1. HD files are indeed CPU demanding but i dont care much when it comes to uri boys!
    thanks for sharing this! ^^,
    u are awesome as always!

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