Dalgona – relatives and friends talk about Yonghwa, the Busan boy

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye
and put miles between you,
but at the same time you carry them with you
in your heart, your mind, your stomach,
because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.
— Frederick Buchener, Telling the Truth


(Edited on 2012.01.21. Since some fans asked for the video, I made a crude cut and uploaded it. Mind you it isn’t subbed. Just for those who were late and couldn’t find it anywhere. The show was aired on 2011.05.06 on SBS.)

20110506 Da1g0na YH cut from klaritia on Vimeo.

360p avi cut (416M) | MF folder |

Pinning this post for a while, so the ones who asked for the video may see it.)


I am so grateful to this team of Chinese fans who released the Chin-subbed version within four days. They call themselves CNpink字幕组 (CNpink Subbing Team) and their works can be found here. One of them actually translated the letters Yonghwa wrote and some other tidbits right after the airing and I knew already this would be a show that I’d love. Read on if you don’t mind indirect translation interspersed with my own thoughts.

(Screen caps made from 1980×1080 TS video. Click for real size.)

Simon D is in the panel of commentators and I think you know that he and Yonghwa are close. He reveals that they lived in the same neighborhood, actually the same apartment building and he’s his senior in high school.
MC: It looks like a lot of celebrities come from your neighborhood.
Simon D: It happens there are just the two of us.
MC: Was Yonghwa popular in Busan back then?
Simon D: He kind of … liked to play around.
YH: Simon D hyung was very popular. I couldn’t be compared to him. He’s Rap Zzang. And he’s in the band.
Simon D: Well, what he said is true.

So then comes the telecast conference. The Busan MC dresses in a sea gull costume. And the whole group sing something, “So you have really forgotten me … ” The little boys feeding the sea gull MC with prawn crackers reminds me of that WGM episode “Yonghwa and Sea Gulls”! Yonghwa’s grandma! A totally lovely old lady!

MC: You spotting someone you know?
YH: My grandma.
MC: Grandma? She looks so young.
Grandma: Yonghwa, I love you. I hope you will do your best.
YH: (to MCs) I think it’s because grandma is in Busan right now. She deliberately speaks so loud, like she’s shouting to me.
MC: So as to send her voice to Seoul.
YH: Grandma, what do you want?
Grandma: Needless to say, I want the TV. (A 3D smart TV is among the gifts to be given out if they win some games later in the show.)
YH: I’ll surely help you get the TV.
Grandma: I’m counting on you.
And Yonghwa’s aunt is there too, just next to his grandma. His cousin and many friends too.
Before they go indoors for more interviews, they sang ‘I’m A Loner’ changing the lyrics to, “Jung Yonghwa ya, Jung Yonghwa ya, daridiridara du …” And they chant: Busan guy Jung Yonghwa, so COOL!

The boy will shake the world

MC: I heard Jung Yonghwa was born with a very lucky birth date and time (I think it’s similar to the Chinese belief that those numbers tell a person’s future).
Grandma: I once went to XXX Temple (Buddist) and consulted a renowned monk. The exact words of the monk: If this kid is raised well ‘in a clean manner’, he’ll grow to shake the world. It’s until now that I realize what he meant then.
MC: So Jung Yonghwa’s success is due to his birth date and time.
Grandma: No, I have talents too. This body of mine has quite a lot of talents.
MC: So Grandma has talents. I wonder if we’d be fortunate enough to see one or two of them?
Then Grandma sings and dances! She sings, “I’m a cool Busan woman … ” (Yonghwa, you shouldn’t be shy dancing on TV. You have some dancing DNA!)
MC: So you consulted a Buddist monk about Yonghwa’s birth date and time, what religion do you practice?
Grandma: Religion. Now I go to church (Christian).
Grandma: Yonghwa ya, you’ve got to help grandma get the TV.
(Wild laughing and clapping after she suddenly mentions the TV set again.)
Grandma: Without the big TV, I can’t see your face clearly enough.
Yonghwa: Grandma now is exactly the same as she was when I was little.
MC says Grandma has a request: To see Yonghwa do aeygo dance.
Then the grandma and her grandson just dance together. I’m sure what Yonghwa sings is some song that his grandma likes. The cutest dance he’s ever done on TV. So full of love and happiness.

MC: No wonder Grandma is so healthy. She must be exercising like this all the time.
Grandma: Dancing with my own grandson, I’m so happy.
Yonghwa: When I go to Busan next time, I really need to give Grandma a bear hug.
Grandma: Yonghwa ya, I love you.

I could tell his grandma is a funny and lively person when scanning the raw video. Now I understand what she says, I say Yonghwa’s colorful personality must have something to do with his lovely grandma.

Yonghwa’s two (?) first loves tell their stories!

First Love 1: How are you? So glad to see you, Yonghwa. Didn’t you say I was your first love? But then I read this interview when you said your first love was in middle school. What is this all about?
Yonghwa: Uh …
First Love 1: So am I your first love?
MC: When did you see Yonghwa for the first time?
First Love 1: When we were in elementary 6.
MC: If you say elementary 6, were you just childhood play mates?
First Love 1: It’s not like that. I’ve brought a letter.
Yonghwa: Really?

The letter reads: Hi, I’m Jung Yonghwa. My hand is in an awkward position writing this, so my words look kind of weird. Please bear with me. And I won’t be able to give this card to you by hand. I wish you a happy birthday. Sorry that I haven’t been taking good care of you. Merry Christmas. Lastly … I love you. (It should be 사랑해 but he wrote it as 샤릉해. I wonder if he’s shy or actually wanted to impress the girl.)

This boy had been writing love letters since he’s 11 or 12! No wonder he can write sweet lyrics.

First Love 2: Hi, everybody. I’m Yonghwa’s first love.
MC: Are you sure you’re his first love?
First Love 2: Positive. I’m his first love.
MC: Reason? Maybe you have proof too?
First Love 2: In a certain interview. He said that. He said the girl he dated in first year of middle school is his first love. He dated me then. But in ‘We Got Married’, he said he had his first love in elementary 6.
MC: So did you receive letters from him too?
First Love 2. I haven’t received any letters. But he gave me his school uniform name tag.

MC: So can you explain this to everybody, who’s your first love?
YH: My first love is Hye-yin (sorry that I don’t know the right translation) whom I dated in middle school. As for Soo-ye, her parents and my parents have been good friends till now. I actually contacted her not that long ago. Our parents just wanted us to be good friends. I knew her since we were real little. The first time we met should be when we were in elementary 4. Since elementary 4, we had been play mates.
MC: That’s what Jung Yonghwa thinks only. But we don’t know what these two girls think yet. Maybe they still have feelings for him?
First Love 1: We were so little then. Saying that I’m his first love is just a joke.
MC: But if you think it’s a joke, why do you still keep that card? You can throw it away after this.

MC: Hye-lin, you haven’t seen Yonghwa for quite some time, have you? Would you like to say something to your good friend?
First Love 2: I heard you’ll do a drama soon. I’ll surely watch it all. And, no matter what, health is the most important. Don’t get sick. You really need to eat well.
First Love 1: I told my friends that you and I are friends. Everybody is envious of me. So other than Korea, you will be famous in Asia, and even a top star of the world. I’ll be cheering for you until then.
MC: Even if it’s been 10 years already, I can feel the real hearts of you two. I’m sure these precious memories will become even more beautiful memories with time.

I can imagine mean comments about these girls who appeared on TV and shouted to the world that they are Yonghwa’s first loves. I just see two warm-hearted ladies who did that just to cheer for their good friend who happens to be a celebrity.

The friend who failed the high school graduation exam because …

MC: Jung Yonghwa’s friend, who failed the high school graduation exam because of him, has come.
Friend: Hi, I’m Jung Dongyoung. I failed the high school graduation exam all because of Jung Yonghwa.
Yonghwa: My friend!
Friend: Yonghwa, remember we gathered to prepare for the exam? 100 days before the exam, you said we needed to remember it and we should go see the sunrise. On countdown to 50 days, you said we got to replenish nutrients for strength. Though I was so poor, I still went with you for soup rice. I didn’t study much. A week before the exam, we gathered again, you suggested going for a xx fish feast, again we went together. Then on the day before the exam, you know, we should have just studied hard. But you said you wanted to buy clothes for you needed them when we went out and play after the exam. So we went shopping for clothes.
Now you make good money. Maybe you should be responsible for our future. What are you going to do?
Then Yonghwa made his friend tell what universities the other boys of the gang are attending. It turns out they all got admitted to elite universities.
MC: But Jung Dongyoung just went straight into the army? So it seems your case is not your friend’s fault. If you thought you should study, you could just study yourself. Why blame Jung Yonghwa?
Friend: Well, it’s kind of strange. Eating out and hanging out with Yonghwa, it seemed even the food got tastier. (The whole studio just “Awww … “) Actually it wasn’t up to the standard of “aww …”. First, Yonghwa is so handsome. Because he’s handsome, girls tailed him. As we wanted to share the good fortune, we tagged along.
Yonghwa: About shopping on the day before the exam. We had been studying all day in the library, until around 10 pm. It happened there’s this new clothing shop in our neighborhood. The shop was selling clothes I really liked. So on the way home, I went shopping with my friends. We spent just 30 minutes.
Friend: We haven’t seen each other for so long. Do come back to Busan soon. And we can go eat something good and hang out too. I love you. (I can’t believe he actually makes that I-love-you gesture!)
Yonghwa: Dongyoung had been one of my best friends since middle school. Since I came to Seoul, I just haven’t seen him. Since he went to the army, it’s the first time I see him. He’s become so manly now. If I go back to Busan, I’ll treat you to a big feast. I love you, my friend!

Yonghwa is sunbaenim

Do you like the performance of Yonghwa’s juniors from his kindergarten? I wonder if Yonghwa ever did something like that during his kindergarten days. The MC asks one of the little boys for his favorite singer, stressing that he can tell the truth. The boy won’t say who (maybe he’s shy or is so sophisticated to know it isn’t a good idea to tell for Yonghwa isn’t his favorite.) The MC asks if he can do a solo. He shakes his head. The cheering chant they shout then: Jung Yonghwa sunbaenim, we men who have the same roots, should have the same heart.

I nurtured Jung Yonghwa

MC: Are you the president of his talent label?
Cousin: No, I’m not the president. Since Yonghwa was a little kid up till now he’s became a super star, I’ve been feeding him, educating him and nurturing him. Yonghwa and I have a 10 year difference in terms of age. In spite of the huge age gap, the ‘little man’ had been following me around. When I was in the army, Yonghwa even wrote me a letter.
MC: So you actually brought the letter?
Yonghwa: Really?
Cousin: I have brought the letter Yonghwa wrote to me when he’s in elementary school.
The letter reads: Haehyun hung ne ga, hihi, I’m handsome boy Jung Yonghwa…

MC: It seems you had this prince syndrome already when you’re in elementary school. Jung Yonghwa really knew the singers’ activities. He mentioned the comeback of H.O.T. and Im Chang-Jeong.
Cousin: We have similar tastes in music. During my middle school and high school days, I listened to Boyz II Men a lot. And Bon Jovi too. When Yonghwa was in elementary one, he said the songs are so good. So I gave him the cassette tape. I’m sure it’s just because he listened to that song, he had this dream to become a singer.
Yonghwa: It’s true. Hyung let me listen to a lot of pop songs at that time. Boyz II Men, Bon Jovi, too. That really made me dream about being a singer. It’s because I listened to Bon Jovi that I could have a dream. I’m really thankful to hyung. I’ll surely pay you back, hyung.

Yonghwa’s team loses to the rival team because his cousin can’t guess his answers right. So Grandma can’t have the 3D smart TV. Yonghwa says he’ll buy her an even better one. Grandma rants that if she played the game with Yonghwa, they’d have won.

No wonder Yonghwa is such a wonderful person now; he’s had a wonderful life all this time.

27 thoughts on “Dalgona – relatives and friends talk about Yonghwa, the Busan boy

  1. aww.. i really love this show~ i feel like i know him better thru this show.
    Reading the english trans is even better. Thank you so much Klari.
    He has such a good environment growing up, good family, good friends.
    I’ll always pray for his success and health. 😀
    Yonghwa ya syareunghaeee!!

  2. ahahaha..Yonghwa’s prince syndrome!!can’t blame his handsome gene tho,lol xDD

    Thanks for the trans,cnpink n you Klari syareunghaeeee~ (cos am shy) lol

  3. Klari, I watched the show but didn’t understand any words. so thank you so much for this awesome article. I can’t say better words. This show is so touching. I almost cried reading it. Yonghwa has a wonderful life and he’s been loved by his family and friends. I wish and pray that he will always stay earthy and be just the way he is.
    God bless him, his family, CNBLUE.

  4. Dear klaritia, Thank you so much for sharing(thanks to CNpink too)..now the show is even more meaningful=) I’m glad to know that back then he’s just an ordinary guy who love to play&fool around. From the way he cherish his grandma, I think he’s a heart warming guy and know how to respect woman’s heart. By watching this show, i become more notice about his lovely eye and funny gummy smile.
    Klaritia-Yonghwa-CNBLUE fighting!

  5. Thanks so much for the translation xD
    YongHwa grows up well 🙂 I’m so happy that he still has such wonderful family and friends to rely on. His friends, through We Got Married, and then this show, I can tell that they love and treasure their friendship with Yong a lot, not because he is famous now, but because he is the Jung YongHwa that they spent his childhood and teenager years with.

  6. Dear Klaritia,

    Thank you so much for the translation :)I love this kind of show because I get to know the real side of yonghwa. Btw, do you mind if I share some parts of your translations? It will be credited to you and i will also respect your decision if you don’t allow me to use them.

  7. Hi Klaritia,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I would
    like to share it too, if you don’t mind. Can I?

  8. *Knock* *Knock*

    Yup, it’s me again. I’ve read this before in here of course, when I initially been inducted to the world of C.N.Blue/JYH. I had also watched the show in bits and pieces but even without having knowledge of hangul except a few words which dont even count….I was still able to laugh like a mad hyena though. Heh, I was rooting and cheering his halmeoni, what a sport….definitely the good genes got inherited by JYH especially on the “choding” part.

    Woops! Where’s my manners btw: Happy Chinese New Year. Hope the year of the water dragon brings you and your loved ones good fortunes, abundance of joy and pink of health. Of course, without a doubt thank you for sharing all these goodies with us.

  9. thanks for sharing this. yonghwa’s personality really shines through this episode. the nostalgic expression on his face when his ‘first love’ friends send a video message to him pretty much reveals the soft side of him. Him talking to his high school best friend in busan satoori and asking which university other friends went etc shows how much he treasures the people in his life. what a down to earth, nice and talented guy. yonghwa definitely deserves a lot of love from his fans.

    it’s a pity no one is subbing this video but the translations are really helpful. here’s wishing you a happy lunar new year from Singapore : )

  10. hi klaritia..

    i watched it a day after the broadcast and im so happy watching yong interacting with his family and friends in busan though i cant understand whatt hey are saying ..

    thank you so much for the video..i will never stop watching it…as well to the translation..yong will always have a special place in my heart…as like a son to me…

    fighting klaritia…

  11. K, thank you so much to post this.
    I watched the part of this show when Yonghwa’s friend told about his and Yong story during school. But I had no idea what are they talking about since there was no sub back then. Then I didn’t do more search about this show.
    And finally, I read it on your blog. Thank you so much :))))
    I try to hold my laugh while reading it, since I’m at my office now. hhhhheeeee.

    I think I have to keep follow (stalker actually, hhhaa) your blog now. I think there are many shows, interviews, or anything relates to Yong and CNBLUE that I missed.

  12. this is awesome!! thanks so much for the translation. really appreciate it!! jung yong hwa is sooo charismatic and loved!!!

  13. wow! great trans 😀 i love this. i know yonghwa even better now by reading this ^^
    he’s just so goodlooking in the past hehehh

  14. klaritia can you upload this one? i can find them on youtube or vimeo. please..

    i’m searching again and again..i wanna cry..

  15. really?? O.o
    but what’s the keyword?
    I searched using the keyword above but I couldn’t find it.

    i only find snsd’s dalgona

      • owh yeah i got it!
        Actually I downloaded a lot of videos from your channel on youtube.
        you are awesome.
        you are my hero.
        are u korean or???

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