A tug at the heartstrings

This is the only official pic related to Heartstrings so far. Yonghwa at the first script reading session.

I have no idea how he found time reading the script amid the busy ‘First Step’ promotion activities. See he’s tagged the script? He’s the leading guy in his second drama. A lot of screen time means a lot busier. Everything he does, he does with all his heart. He’ll feel much pressure?

He explained further about why he goes on diet in Park So Hyun’s radio show (May 13). He’s gained 10 Kg (exaggeration?) compared to his YAB days eating night snacks and ranted that his bandmates don’t have to worry about gaining weight (info from saturn’s tweet). LIFE ISN’T FAIR. I know. But he doesn’t know everybody says he’s too thin now? My heart aches seeing only bones.

You know his fan cafe prepared lunch for the cast and crew yesterday? I read a fan account translation of a member of the cafe. She actually asked him to remember to ‘eat rice’ every day when talking to him during the lunch break. (Eat rice may not necessarily means ‘rice’ only but ‘meals’.) But I can understand the fan’s concern for he told everybody he doesn’t eat rice much these days.

He’s a big boy and has experienced so much in the past year. I shouldn’t be worried?

Let me tell you little stories to cheer your heart. In the university they filmed Heartstrings yesterday, there’s this class with only ONE student in the classroom for all the others had gone to watch Yonghwa. The professor was angry and asked, “Who is Jung Yonghwa?” Then somebody poked his head into one of the classroom windows and said, “I heard somebody asking about me. So here I come.” 🙂 A follow-up story fresh from the oven. Today they’ll be filming in the university too. A students asks the professor if they can go outside to watch Jung Yonghwa as actually many students are walking around in the corridor. The professor doesn’t get the exact meaning of the student and says, “What? Jung Yonghwa is still walking around in the corridor? Ask him to come see me in Studio 2.”

(Funny stories from Korean fans, told in Chinese by unexpectedfalling and karekano @ weibo)

I wonder if he was the teacher’s pet in his school days.

Will he win the hearts of viewers with this drama role? I wish him every success from the bottom of my heart.

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