Libraries. Love stories.

Poor us. This is the only official still of the Heartstrings couple we can play with. I see it posted everywhere. Fans added speech bubbles and photoshop effects to it.Has anybody started a fanfic already? And I’m writing a post on this pic! Am I imagining things? I think I see a mischievous look on Lee Shin’s face. Maybe it’s because of the way he sits. That’s the end of my imagination and this post can end here.

But then I remember a Japanese movie that I really love. Love Letter (1995). Yonghwa and Jonghyun said they watched Japanese movies and dramas to learn Japanese. I wonder if they have watched this one. Too ancient? But it’s famous. Maybe you shouldn’t read on if you haven’t watched this awesome movie and don’t want it spoiled. The mischievous boy likes the girl. His way to show his love is to borrow books that nobody has ever borrowed so as to write his own name in the blank check-out cards (in the old days when there wasn’t computerized borrowing system). And there’s a special reason for his writing his own name. It takes the girl years to understand. Totally romantic reason.

But the above is so irrelevant.

We know Lee Shin has a crush on the lady professor. So why is he trying so hard to get Kyu Won’s attention. She seems so angry and indifferent. Who will fall for who first? The boy or the girl?

3 thoughts on “Libraries. Love stories.

  1. ooo… i watched that movie cos of the actor … cant really remember the exact story but it romantic plus sad .. the only thing i remembered was the actress shouting : “How are you?” facing the mountain (?) .. but u reminded me of the library card.. yes that’s so romantic … i bet at least dimples watched it …

    This scene looks like Lee shin just woke up only surprised to see Kyu Won sitting opposite … maybe she just conveniently sat there … oh man… should we keep guessing .. broadcast it already … lol

  2. kkk, and maybe some fans will photoshop the girl face LOLOL.

    anyway, I’m excited just to see this one still. I dunno, tho it’s only one, it seems to tell us lots of things already. Library, the sleeping place for Shin. Kyu Won, she might be able to observe him while he’s sleeping. Or maybe she’s irritated at first then Shin caught her attention. Later she will fall for him first. (Yeah, Shinwoo revenge!)

  3. make my imagination goin wild,lol xD

    I imagine this scene when Lee Shin bored with his class, come find someone to be bullied, and he found Kyuwon! an innocent girl but has strong personality.
    Remind me to Junpyo and Jandi relationship (BOF),hehe..

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