Goodbye doesn’t mean …

… you’re really leaving the stage? For long?

Maybe it’s because they sang ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ 3 times to round up their First Step activities, the goodbye stages seemed so sad.

It’s a relief that they performed ‘Intuition’ and ‘Love Girl’ in the last Inkigayo stage instead. At least a happier ending with happy ‘Love Girl’. When they ended their promotion activities for Bluetory and Bluelove, I never felt I wouldn’t ‘see’ them around for long, their schedules were still very packed. Maybe it won’t be the same this time. Yonghwa and Minhyuk will be super busy filming the drama, I don’t think we can expect them to appear in all sorts of random concerts or music related TV shows. Of course I have something to look forward to: the premiere of Heartstrings on June 29 and maybe some promotion activities before that. Though I knew Yonghwa first via You’re Beautiful, I like watching him most when he’s on stage.

Parishin wrote her thoughts about following their First Step activities on her blog. She went to almost all the music shows. She said her tears poured out watching them at the last MCD stage. But she went home with an aching tummy for laughing too hard at Inkigayo goodbye stage. Fans cried but Yonghwa asked them not to cry. And when she looked at her bias, Jungshin, with tears in her eyes, the boy smiled to her and asked her not to cry. And why she laughed so much later? You know the performance was actually recorded in the morning. But the boys went on stage to see fans and they watched the broadcast together. They had this happy mood on stage. You can have a peek looking at these pics taken by hicn4 here. They kept smiling and playing around; they laughed cunningly when the fans were totally shocked by the explosion of glitter paper scraps; Yonghwa smiled from ear to ear when fans chanted in ‘Love Girl’ chorus.

The Chinese of ‘goodbye’ literally means ‘see again’. I’m always torn between these two thoughts: they really need some rest, I can’t wait to see them on stage. When will I see them again? I can wait.

While waiting, maybe I can construct random posts with random words for random boices who happen to click my blog. Maybe organize the goodies I’ve collected. Maybe scan some magazine pages. Maybe re-watch videos and roam forums and sites to check if I’ve missed pictures and videos …

Don’t be surprised if you see blog posts with titles ‘Missing you episode 1, 2, 3’ … Actually this post is ‘Missing you episode 1’!

Do you know I’m super obsessed about picture quality when it comes to CNBLUE ones? Even if I see pics shared in forums, I usually look up the source sites to download the pics myself. For sometimes the pics are shrunk when the fans used some weird image hosting sites or they didn’t save the original size pics. And last week, I found out Union Press news pics are shrunk on the online articles. There’s this magnifying glass icon to click for the bigger version. The pic above is 750×500 px (381Kb). If you just right click and save the pic here, the pic is just 600×400 (75Kb). I was wondering if I had always saved the LQ pics, so I put their names in the union press search box and saved the pics all over again. I know I’m CRAZY. I’m spreading this crazy virus telling you this? (The union press pics of the MCD goodbye stage in the zip I tweeted are the HQ ones.)

The First Step showcase seems not that long ago … but they’ve said goodbye.

To end this ‘Missing you episode 1’ post, I’m sharing the zip of the Union Press news pics I collected last week. Click to catch the crazy over CNBLUE pics virus!

All pics from

4 thoughts on “Goodbye doesn’t mean …

  1. thanks for reposting the zip.. i missed it last week i think ..

    i also have this feeling that we might not be seeing them on stage TOGETHER till later quarter of the year … though i will miss the boys very much (esp my bias T-T) but i feel relief in some way when their activities slow down cos i can catch up later with the things that i missed in this time’s promo. I may not even be able to catch up on all the pic / video but i will try to my best to … I am hoping to see some asia tour though …

    please write some more stuff … maybe attach some more zip files too (*winkwink*) as I m always confident that the pics u provided are always HD… thanks in advance …

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