Yonghwa isn’t a chameleon

Why this chameleon talk? From Naver Music interview (Apr 19, 2010) …

He wants to be like a chameleon, showing people his different sides each time he shows up. He wants to be the kind of person who never makes one feel bored but seen as getting better and better.

Full article translated by me can be found here.

Look as these two official Lee Shin stills released yesterday.

(image size: 550x825px, 135Kb)

(image size: 550x825px, 335Kb)

These two pics are found in many news articles, but the above two should be of the best quality out there. 🙂 Source: ebreaknews.com

Do you think Yonghwa displays the two sides of Lee Shin in the two pics already? Uptight and indifferent. Warm and attentive. All I can say is the pics aren’t Yonghwa of CNBLUE!

If you think of how Yonghwa has been able to impress fans showing his charm in various ways, he’s really like a chameleon, i.e., changing all the time to various colors. But if you think again why a chameleon changes color, you’ll understand my post title. A chameleon changes color to blend in with the environment, but every time Yonghwa ‘changes’, he just stands out.

How long have you been watching him? Since YAB days? I’ve heard people say they missed his ‘fresh’ looks then, maybe implying he doesn’t look as cute now. I can’t comment on this for I’m totally biased. He looks great to me all this time. As he becomes more famous, the media seems to have less interest on him, no more long interviews and series of news photos like the case in November and December 2009. In case you haven’t seen these.

This batch taken on Nov 6, 2009, by Sports Chosun news photographer
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This batch taken also on Nov 6, 2009, by Donga news photographer
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And these by 10asia, Nov 29, 2009
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zips for pics collectors > Mediafire folder

Please pardon my giving a little speech every time when some new Heartstrings pics come out.

PS I see more ‘depths’ in recent pics. Again you can ignore the view of a very biased fan.

2 thoughts on “Yonghwa isn’t a chameleon

  1. gotta agree! like u said when YH is changing to blend with other people, he’s just happened to stand out compare to others..its not like he’s changing..he’s just showing off more n more of the real himself which make me adore him even more! kyaa..those pics are adorable! i still love him n gonna cherish as long as i can…thanks for sharing this~ i love to read any YH related opinion..just makes my day brighter!

    thank u again,Klaritia!

  2. Love how you twisted the words around. Yet it’s so true… Keep posting, dear. Really love reading your thoughts. And thanks for reposting those ‘oldies but goodies’ photo shoots!

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