601 days later …

I still find Yonghwa very cute. This is the gif that I made today, from NAN aired last night.

It’s been 601 days from the premiere of You’re Beautiful. I think I liked him watching Episode 1 already. 600 days is a long time, don’t you think? I rarely say I love Yonghwa. Love is a heavy word. And I don’t want to be misunderstood that I have all sorts of romantic fantasies over him. Just like some radio show host said earlier, CNBLUE brings out the maternal instinct of the fans. It’s really something like that. I like him that I almost want to protect him, say like a guardian angel (or fairy godmother). Of course I haven’t done anything and can’t do anything. I don’t even read Korean and has to rely on the ardent fans around who tell me everything. But let me use ‘love’ interchangeably with ‘like’ in the following.

As a fan of Yonghwa’s, I want him to be loved by a lot of people. I feel bad when I read negative comments on him. That’s natural, I guess. But then I thought I shouldn’t be too bothered. The internet is a funny thing. One tends to think he/she knows a lot but actually it’s the wrong picture out there.

If enough people love you, the ones who don’t, don’t matter.

I can’t remember where and when I read the above. But how many is enough? Maybe he doesn’t care himself? I don’t want him to care about this matter anyway.

And yesterday is 501 days since CNBLUE’s Korean debut showcase. I couldn’t believe I actually found pics of the showcase that I didn’t see before! And they’re nice and huge pics. (To be exact, I think I have small versions of them with logos.)

(2824x2964px, 424KB)

I’ve said many times, he’s most charming to me when he’s leader of CNBLUE. And that day, he told the world that he’s the leader. I was so shocked. I didn’t expect that at all as Jonghyun was supposedly the leader. And he talked and talked so much in the press conference. He shone. I just couldn’t match him with the quiet and low profile Shinwoo hyung I knew.

But you know how much he sweated in the showcase? So much that his make-up got all messed up. The eyeliner melting and streaking on his face!

(1482x2316px, 339KB)

He still sweated a lot during the the live performances around that time, say KJE Chocolate. He explained that he sweated like that when he’s nervous. Do you notice that he’s not sweating in recent performances? Meaning: he’s very confident now. I really enjoy watching his growth all this time.

The rest of the batch of nice pics I found yesterday.

Pics from donga.com

Download: zip

PS I wish I could do magic for Yonghwa and CNBLUE, but I don’t think they need me. They can just be themselves.

3 thoughts on “601 days later …

  1. I love Yong! so, is my love romantic fantasy kind of love? hahahaha! girl, you dun hv to worry abt how ppl thinks, when you love someone, no matter what kinda love, just say it out, tell the whole world! at least this is how i do, love is a heavy word, but my loves to yong and all other boys are as heavy as “Love”! so, I take love as a justify word.

    I believe Yong knows what to do and how to take good care of his 3 younger brothers and himself, it’s hard to please everyone, there are ppl who like you, who does not, accept it and learn to enjoy.

    You should enjoy you fangirl life as much as as you can, 1st step is to ignore brainless negative comments, dun let them get into you, and dun try to argue with them or change their mind, that’s a total waste of time!

    LOL I think I am the happiest fan nuna… I dun worry too much, I just enjoy them!! I do get angry, but I know how to joke it away… don’t you have fun talking to me? XDDDDDDD

    • You don’t know I’m your fan?
      Thank you. And I must say you really know me.
      I have LOTS OF FUN talking to you. And there’s so much that I can learn from you!

  2. I understand 100% how you feel.
    Yeah, it brings my maternal insticts out too.
    I love the four boys to death and I want them to be happy, to be loved. And it hurts so much when I hear negative comments about them; I can’t believe how much I’ve cried over what some silly silly people have said (I now feel silly for crying for that hehehe). I want to protect them, to cover them with a blanket so they won’t see all those silly comments made by silly people. I adore them.

    hehehe I love YongHwa, he is soo adorable when he smiles, so friendly, so charming when he sings ^_^ I don’t love him in the “someday we will meet and he will fall in love with me and we will be happily ever after” way because I know the chances of that to happen are almost close to zero 😛 But just knowing he is happy, seeing him happy makes me feel happy, that’s enough for me.

    I am really proud as a fan of what they’ve accomplished.
    I am really proud to be a Boice ^^

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