Love vs crush

Seriously, this blog may become some Heartstrings blog in no time. I apologized talking too much whenever some new pics come out. Pardon me again! But you choose to read my posts?

(2181 x 1754 px, 1.98M;  source: Osen)

The news says something like these: “With pics like these, there can be scandal”… “Campus couple pics revealed, just like real lovers”…

You may disagree for the drama hasn’t aired yet. But many people, including myself, think Yonghwa and Shinhye look cute, adorable and lovely together!!!

Since the very early days when rumors of Yonghwa doing this drama came out , many fans have hoped he can collaborate with Shinhye again. Our wish was granted. I don’t know much about Shinhye; all I knew about her came from watching You’re Beautiful and reading related information. The adjective I think best describe her is bubbly. Working with such a cute girl will be sheer bliss, I’m sure. Most importantly, I see that Yonghwa feel very comfortable with her, say at the Baeksang Awards some days ago.

Honestly, I have no expectation for the drama to give me too many surprises. The plot will be so full of cliché? And is there any campus drama getting good rating in history? But I’m so anticipating it. Because everybody says Yonghwa is working so hard on it. Because he himself has great expectation on it. Nobody can convince him he shouldn’t put too much pressure on himself. He has this A-A-A-type personality.

By the way, I’ve been wondering how I’ll feel watching the scenes of him loving Professor Jung secretly. (Sorry for my lousy photoshop skill.)

I love another K drama on that kind of ‘forbidden love’ too much. Do you know Hardtack Teacher and Star Candy ?

Though I’m a big fan of Yonghwa’s, I can’t be sure if he can portray that kind of feelings as an actor. But I’ll be happy to eat my words if he can do so.

Watching a drama with your favorite star in it is a big burden. You may care too much about the ratings. You may care too much about the critics’ comments. You may care too much what some nobody says on the Net. I hope I can relax and just enjoy it, liking it just because Yonghwa is doing his best. I hope Yonghwa will give himself a break, not having to be burdened by his success portraying Shinwoo, but enjoy working with good friends (Shinhye and Minhyuk), and learning from a great and kind PD (Pyo Min Soo).

5 thoughts on “Love vs crush

  1. i really agree w/ ur words..guess what, i always anticipating for bad comments in all shinhye project, haha silly me…
    love ur blog, anyway…^^

    hope the best for heartstrings….!!!

  2. same here..i really love yong hwa…their band is unique with other band or idols in korea. He can sing, compose song, guitar and i like their band b’coz they are not afraid to sing english song. and if i’m not mistaken even write english song’s too. means to say that they are really working hard b’cos i think it is really a big deal in korea if u speak english. i admire them for that.

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