The evolution of ‘Just a fan’

What’s the definition of ‘fan’?

According to the Oxford online dictionary: …a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person…

I have a strong interest in and admiration for Yonghwa of CNBLUE: that’s why I titled this blog ‘Just a fan’.

That’s how it began. I had this addiction of making animated gifs. Fellow fans asked me what software I used and so on. When I noticed that I kept sending them the same twitlonger post I used to explain things, I thought I had blogging materials. But of course I don’t know a lot that fellow fans don’t know and I don’t have a lot of good stuff that fellow fans don’t have. Everything is just random

I didn’t expect a lot of readers in the first place. And I don’t take the blog stats very seriously. The clicks may not mean anything. Maybe you just click but don’t read or the worse thing is you scan the posts with a smirk. Still, seeing a few re-tweets of my tweeting the post links and getting a few replies here as well as on twitter has me encouraged. Of course I’m not proud of my writing or my having good stuff to share. Everything is still just about spreading Yonghwa/CNBLUE love.

The last couple of posts have something to do with counting days. Looking back at my days as a fan, I have changed. I must say I don’t feel that I need to be very anxious if the latest news or pics are spread around, mainly because I see a lot of people doing exactly that. But my love for CNBLUE and Yonghwa has only grown even more.

Sometimes I ask myself why I spend so much time on this fandom. But I have found the answer.

Life is too short to do only what we have to do; it’s barely long enough to do what we want to do.
Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier

To end this post, I post this gif that I made scanning the latest episode of NAN.

I wonder if Yonghwa feels bored filming NAN. He’s just imitating somebody if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

PS I still love making Yonghwa gifs.

5 thoughts on “The evolution of ‘Just a fan’

  1. Love your new layout. I’ve never really been a fan of anyone least of all a Korean celebrity or artist even if I do love watching K-drama. I really didn’t want to be a fan in the first place cause I was thinking I am too old to be doing this but I just find myself getting more into Yong Hwa and CN Blue as time goes by. I don’t regret it like you…..I like that quote you wrote…life is too short to just do things that only needed to be done…..I might as well enjoy myself in the journey and Yong Hwa and CN Blue give me that enjoyment and happiness as I trudge into my life everyday. Anyway, I’m always visiting even if I don’t comment but I just wanted to say…I like your new layout. I am loving Lee Shin in that photo. Can’t wait for June 29 Heartstrings….

  2. Thanks to you that now I can sharing my feelings with others who feel the same. my 1st impression on this drama is “beautiful” not because of Yonghwa (actually yes ^^) but i just dont know the scenery, the mood, the environment really suits my mood now.And reading your beautiful posts about him. Feeling what Lee Shin’s feel more than anyone else, I dont know how much want to give you a thumbs up! I’m like you, Yonghwa biased. Like for the first time I know him, his music already captures my heart. His sweet melody. Only God knows how i feel. Thanks for this beautiful blog!

  3. hi klaritia, i’m love your blog because i just like u as yonghwa bias.i’ll always read your comment in another blog like soompi from there so i know about your private blog. thank you so much for your information about yonghwa because as internasional fans , i only can read in english eventhough my english not so good. i’m your fan blog

  4. This blog is like a connection line. It draws all the Yonghwa biased here to share the love and support to him. We are just like meeting someone who knows each other feeling, having the same interests, hobbies and liking of someone.

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