Tree. Guitar. Lee Shin.

Heartstrings first teaser out!!! Everybody’s watched it?

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I live in a very small and crowded city. Still I see many trees around me. I took this pic just then.

I have never seen anybody singing and playing the guitar on a tree (has anybody?) but I was thinking about the teaser then. That tree has little resemblance to the tree in the teaser but it’s big enough to be climbed on. It’s called ‘flame of the forest’. Everybody says they bloom particularly beautifully this summer. That’s a sign that this summer is gonna be special?

The tune is made up by Yonghwa, I guess. When people invented the saying ‘a tug at the heartstrings’, did they have somebody playing some string instrument in their minds? Just a coincidence: today is the birthday of legendary guitarist Les Paul and Google honors Les Paul with a recordable guitar doodle.

Is the 20-second teaser long enough for you to fall for Lee Shin? He says in the end: You’ve fallen for me. Why do people still draw a line between actors and singers? The fact that some ‘actors’ major in acting in universities doesn’t mean they have really learned the skills. Many don’t go to lessons at all as far as I know. People saying his getting the part just because he’s an idol is so unfair. I don’t mean he has great acting skills but don’t you think he has the potential just watching him play Shinwoo in You’re Beautiful? When I look at the various pictures taken by fans visiting the set, I can tell it’s Lee Shin that I’m looking at, not Jung Yonghwa … if you see what I mean.

I know I’m gonna love this summer.

3 thoughts on “Tree. Guitar. Lee Shin.

  1. wow… change your site background too.. love it …
    n yes.. 20s is not enuf cos i want more.. i m really looking forward to seeing Lee Shin … cos i think i only see Lee Shin in the teaser and i know i will fall for him … kkkk …

  2. Love how your post really invokes summer! And you have a great eye for photography too! It’s time for bed now but reading your post makes me long for a nice walk under the shade on a sunny day. Thanks! And we know we’ll support our Yong Yong no matter how the drama goes

  3. yes, he has the potential… and that he is an “idol” is not even the fact. He’s a singer who plays instruments and is sufficent for the role, his popularity just got him the chance to be noticed and his potential got him there himself. 🙂 i think ppl who have the desire for acting, the emotional intelligence will find their own way to become actors/ actresses. And I have the strong belief of Yonghwa… he is so one of a kind… colorful in character, seeing how he gets emotional in every song he performs… he has the eyes of an actor ~~ i remember the Hong sister or the PD of the YAB said so, too.
    (I dont know much about K-biz but I think Yoon Eun Hye was some what like his case at the beginning. But now she is a top star without having any acting major at university. She keeps learning what she lacks in her own way… and each time i see her, i find a better actress.)

    My feeling is running higher and higher day by day waiting to see him in the drama kkk…

    P/s: really love ur blog, Klaritia 🙂

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